Photos: Livia Britto woos and teaches style with sport-chic looks

livia brito Proved herself to be a true fashionista with the flirty light blue outfit she showed off on her official account Instagram. The famous actress shared a series of pictures In which he is seen wearing a great body sport-chic look with whom Gave style classes and got hooked For his millions of fans on the meta platform, receiving thousands of “likes” and comments from his fans.

The beautiful Cuban, who has been the protagonist of the soap opera, shows that she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the middle of the show, but also one of the famous actresses who imposes fashion with her outfits, even if they Be it casual or for the gym, well he always stands out with the images he shares on his social networks wherein he constantly shares content that generates thousands of reactions.

Livia Brito dazzles in sport-chic look and wins net

This photo was in his official account of the platform in which brito He published a series of images in which he is seen posing from the street and flirtatiously showing off a great body sport-chic lookAs the outfits that combine the sporty style with the elegant are called, a trend in which garments for exercise are mixed with others that give it a touch of glamor, as in this case by the Cuban woman with her bags and did with his shoes.

Livia impresses with her style. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

“My dreams are my goals” (My dreams are my goals), this phrase he wrote livia With pictures on his official account InstagramI post that at the moment it has more than 20 thousand “likes” and generated hundreds of comments, among which you can read phrases like: “Beautiful, you look fabulous as always”, “How beautiful “, “Impressive”, “Beautiful as Always” and “You’re Cool Baby”, among many others.

britoAt 36, he conquered millions of followers InstagramAs she can be seen flaunting her slim and curvy silhouette in a looks like Casual and glamorous, as she teamed a sky blue crop top sweatshirt with a set of sports pants, a white bag and pointy toe ankle boots in the same color, obtaining a trendy outfit with which she presents herself as a fashion lover. confirms as such.

The actress is confirmed as a fashionista. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

The actress came to Mexico from her native Cuba 10 years ago and in 2010 she starred in her first telenovela, “Tryunfo del Amor”, with which she was catapulted to fame, later going on to participate in other melodramas such as: “Abismo de passione””, “Italian girl comes to marry”, “La piloto” and “Medicos, linea de vida”, however, she has not shied away from controversy, most recently with her ex-partner is arrested, from whom he has previously distanced himself, as he assures that he had not heard from him in a long time.

This time, livia brito is one of the favorites on television and has also become a fashion benchmark, especially when it comes to the game looksWell, with each and every outfit she flaunts in the network, she gives a dash of style and proclaims herself as the queen of fashion, with trendy outfits that make her stand out wherever she goes and which With it all its beauty is visible.

Win over the network with your sport-chic look. Photo: IG @liviabritopes

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