Photos: TikToker Barbie Nuñez wears cool accessories to conquer the beach

It’s no secret that young influencer Barbara Nuñez, better known as Barbie Nuñez, is one of the top fashion content creators of the moment. A few days ago the woman from Monterrey shared a series of clothes and accessories to look fabulous on the beach, which went viral on social networks.

Barbie Nuñez uploaded her elegant and very glamorous look on Instagram and TikTok to attend the beach wedding. The young woman wore a blouse in ivory tone, which had a beautiful interlacing on the bust part and lantern sleeves. The skirt in a long cut and slightly open in the front was of the same color as the blouse.

Barbie Nunez teaches style classes. Photo: Instagram @barbie.nunezt

Barbie Nuñez in a bathing suit for Instagram

For beach accessories, she wore flirty and small handbags woven from natural fibers, hard-back glasses in a total black tone, vertical gold hoop earrings and a pretty necklace, also in gold, flirty ruby-type glassware in green Color with grinding.

Barbie Nunez loves selfies. Photo: Instagram @barbie.nunezt

On other trips, where sun and sea are the protagonists, Barbie Nuñez has shown her class and elegance choosing the most chic beach accessories, like the one she wore when taking a selfie wearing a Sophia Loren-esque passion red sarong. Too -piece bathing suit. Such pictures and moments that she shares on the network have made her one of the most popular influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

Barbie Nunez loves the ocean. Photo: Instagram @barbie.nunezt

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