Photos: With chainsaw and bikini, Yeri Mua impresses with her cyberpunk style look

Being very influential, Erie Mua Some didn’t hesitate to enter modeling organizations To pamper our loyal followers and give them ideas on what to wear for certain special occasions. However, the make-up expert gradually increased the tone of her publications until she reached the final snapshot where she can be seen with a looks like quite strange, as it is similar to the sub-genre of science fiction known as cyberpunk,

In this case, the woman from Veracruz was wearing big black boots and patent leather gloves, a micro bikini and a sheer silver blouse that left nothing to the imagination. a detail that all his followers took note of chainsaw Black with Red whom he adopted as an assistant. Her makeup was discreet while her simple hairstyle made everyone fall in love with her followers,

Yeri Mua in pure cyberpunk style (Photo: @armandomendezfoto | Deviant Art

Erie Mua He only put “The Chainsaw” as the description for his snapshot. The result was akin to kicking a hornet’s nest, as all his fans quickly demonstrated, including his comrade Karelli Ruiz, “Yeri Mua just buys a chainsaw to silence those potbellys who can’t afford it!”, “I call that billing and with will!!!! and go support”, were some of the messages he posted. Wrote to him.

Yerry Mua is originally from Veracruz (Photo: IG @armandomendezfoto)

Who is Yeri Mua?

Yerry Cruz Varelabetter known as Erie Mua, is a young woman from Veracruz who became famous for sharing her skills as a makeup artist on social networks. Little by little she made a name for herself and became the diva that she claims to be today. Such was her fame that she managed to become the carnival queen of her country in 2022, something that makes her very proud.

Yerry Mua specializes in makeup (Photo: IG @armandomendezfoto)

From the age of 15, he started working hard and as soon as he connected with the virtual public, his videos became increasingly viral. The road was not easy, as he had to face doers and haters Naughty They can barely make it, but she’s managed to pull through. Another thing that has attracted attention is the fact that she has done several cosmetic operations to change her image and make it more stylish. Unfortunately, he has also been the hero of several controversies, such as when he accused INE activists of editing his voter ID photo and making it “unsightly”.

Yerry Mua has been the subject of many controversies (Photo: IG @armandomendezfoto)

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