Photos: With fitted dress, Natalie Portman shows that lilac is the color of chestnut

this year’s edition Cannes Film Festival All eyes have turned to important characters such as Johnny Depp, who after being away from the big screen is honored again, this time for his work on the film “Jeanne du Barry” with which he leaves behind the problems of his life. The court he faced after a legal battle with ex-wife, Amber Heard.

However, this time the character who caught everyone’s attention was neither more nor less Natalie Portmanwho, like the actor best known for his work in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” premiered one of his most recent projects at the famous film festivalWhere she showed her talent as well as impressed everyone with her outfits.

The look of the famous actress grabbed headlines at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival IG: @natalieportman

during Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival, Natalie Portman She wore an airy wasp-waisted dress in white with glitter and black detailing, a glamorous design that immediately captured the spotlight at the event. However it was the outfit she appeared in afterwards that really left the attendees speechless.

At the premiere of “May December” Cannes Film Festival, Natalie Portmanwho makes a comeback in the film industry with this audio-visual jewel, has got a stunning lilac dressWhich proves that pastel colors will never go out of style as they are perfect to bring out the natural beauty in a woman and aesthetical,

With this color combination, Natalie Portman remembers her time playing Black Swan and White Swan. IG: @natalieportman

As seen in the pictures shared Hero of “The Black Swan”Her characteristic cut is quite appealing for brown skin tones, as the lilac helps to highlight the tan and enhance the rosiness of the cheeks, becoming an essential in the wardrobe of the chestnut who, like Portman, is fashion conscious. Tries to buck the trend. Experiment with new styles.

Regarding the cut of the creation that was in charge of the French luxury firm called “Celine”, it should be noted that it features an off-the-shoulder detail, something that always brings the perfect dose of sensuality to any type of outfit, Looks Being a gala it is a perfect opportunity to show it off.

Natalie Porton wore this particular lilac dress. IG: @natalieportman

for the rest of the jewels that were swept away in the flood The dress Natalie Portman wore at the Cannes Film FestivalIt should be noted that one of the most obvious features is the fact that the fabric of the dress is gathered, a fashion that was in vogue around 2003 and which seeks to take over the catwalks again.

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