Pingla Gato Raja Shivrayanchi Gatha TDM Marathi Movie Song Release

Pingla Gato Raja Shivrayanchi Gatha: As soon as the night falls and the red light breaks, Pingla starts walking with alms bag on shoulder, lantern in hand and Kurmud in one hand. Traditionally auspicious Pingla has recently disappeared. Today’s youth may not know or hear about it. It will be interesting to see the new version of the same Pingla in the film ‘TDM’ presented by ‘Chitrax Films’ and ‘Smile Stone Studios’. The special thing is that in this song, the ear becomes mesmerized by listening to Pingla herself narrating the story of Shivrai.

In the song ‘Pingla’ from the film ‘TDM’, the story of Shivba and his father’s valor can be heard from the mouth of Pingla. With the words “Un pingala gato, Raja Shivarayanchi gatha”, this pingala charmer to start the day definitely deserves the praises of the king. In this praise given by Pingla, it is interesting to see Prithviraj, the main hero of the film ‘TDM’ polishing his talent. The song ‘Ek Phool’ from this film has made entire Maharashtra crazy. Now the new core song of this film ‘Pingla’ has come in front of the audience in Marathi soil. There is no doubt that singer Vaibhav Shirole has done the music and singing of this song very well. The lyrics of this song have been given by Dashrath Bhaurao Shirole.

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Presented by ‘Chitrax Films’ and ‘Smile Stone Studios’, ‘TDM’ is produced and directed by Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade. After the phenomenal success of ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’, he is all set to present a different subject in this film. The songs of the film ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’ are still enticing people and now the songs of the film ‘TDM’ are also winning the hearts of the audience. The song ‘Ek Phool’ has already created a sensation, now there is no doubt that Pingla song will compliment Shivba and grab the attention of the audience. The film is going to release on 28 April 2023 across Maharashtra.

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