Pique and Clara Chia: reactions to their photo

The couple has been together for over a year Shakira and Gerard Pique It ended up being classified over the years as one of the most solid in the entertainment world. However, an alleged infidelity on the part of the ex-football player leads to the breakdown of the relationship and the controversy that everyone has already seen publicly.

Since then, Shakira has focused 100% on her family and her music career, releasing several singles during this solo period that have marked milestones in the global music industry to date. This, since many that he has taken advantage of his musical passion to ease his isolation.

Gerard Piqué published a photo with Clara Chia and the network did not forgive him

Piqué, for his part, has stepped off the field and focused on a sports format where he exclusively comments on the most important matches and events in the world of football. On his emotional side, he decided to publicly confront his love, the public relations officer of one of his companies: Clara Chia Marti, who is speculated to have been a bone of contention in his house with the Colombian.

Despite a wave of criticism after the alleged infidelity came to light, he chose to ignore it and, for the second time, posted a snapshot with her on his networks, reaffirming how much he loved and valued her so little. Is. Give in to the hurtful comments they spread everyday.

Criticism rained down on Gerard Pique after his post with Clara Chia

Just hours ago, he published the above snapshot with his new sentimental partner and celebrities and internet users didn’t hesitate to link said post with the boom that his ex-partner and their children have been facing since the release of the acrostic. After experiencing what apparently were strong messages to him to leave his family.

It was for this reason that the post did not go down well on social networks and millions of Internet users did not take long to react with comments and reproaches, of course, Gerard did not respond.

“When Shakira releases a new song he only uploads pictures with her but it’s not noticeable”, “This publication is amazing, I don’t know how to interpret this picture. If it’s about to show that they are still together and happy, so why does he appear emaciated and with a scared face?”, “Shakira is beautiful and her intelligence surpasses all” and “This man is really her doesn’t think about the damage done, hope it’s not too late when he does”, were some of the comments.

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