Poncho Zuleta may have been crucified by the deception of his alleged new “Fruna”

Her deception would have been costly with an alleged relationship to Poncho Zuleta, a gossip portal exposed her real “Frunita”. Screenshots of the Instagram/blogvallenato video

through social networks, zuleta poncho He claimed to his followers that he was happily in love with a woman 42 years his junior and to whom he had given a million-dollar birthday present. it was about Maria Laura Mariga, which was probably one of the “frunas” that the farmer used to surround himself with; However, everything resulted in a campaign of Marketing To release a new song.

“There is nothing more than an organized ad montage in a series to attract an audience and capture the look of the urban music singer and influencer’s new musical target. Juanda Caribbeanwho collaborated on the topic together with teacher Poncho Zuleta Frunite”, said the portal Vallenato, who also said that the videos of the 31-year-old woman were part of the song’s video clip.

In the midst of a scandal for resorting to this type of strategy in order to keep his musical subject matter among his followers, the singer-songwriter was given some personal information that he kept for some years and that included a young woman. Was with whom he really has a relationship. Romance. These pictures have been revealed by the Gossip portal eyereal2 On Instagram.

Carlos Vargas reacts to Poncho Zuleta’s new relationship on Instagram and the Vallenato singer responds (@carlitosvargasm/Instagram)

In the first picture shared by the portal, you can see a young woman with dark hair wearing a white shirt and staring at the camera in a picture while receiving a kiss. zuleta poncho on his right cheek. She also blows a kiss to the camera as a sign of response to the interpreter’s loving gesture. My brother and me

There, digital media wrote “The original ‘Fruna’ from ten years ago”, In terms of emotional bond, the 73-year-old singer is in a relationship with a woman much younger to him. But what is strange for the followers of the artist is that in the midst of an alleged relationship with a journalist from Barranquilla, she has not shown who really owns her heart.

It also stands out in other publications of eyereal2 To tag a woman who responds to the name of melissa james, Apparently she’ll have several postcards featuring Vallenato sporting some thoughtful phrases about a possible romance. Zuleta.

The Vallenato minstrel will have an affair with a young woman who responds to the name of Melissa James

“Love is not egoistic, love is not selfish”, she wrote, in which she also added some heart-shaped emoticons and in the image you can see the singer smiling, hugging her from behind and in the background you can see a small plane.

Although the singer has not ruled out these publications, the truth is that his followers will have to wait for the moment in which Farmer decides to confirm the romance with Melissa James.

maria laurie mariaga A 31 year old woman from Barranquilla and Social Communicator from the Autonomous University of the Caribbean. The journalist had a brief period as an actress. He participated in the telenovela tribute RCN Channel “Diomedes, The Cacique of La Junta” In 2015.

The social communicator is known to have two children, one with a sports journalist and the other with a player who was part of the team. Junior from Barranquilla, daniel mcconeChampion midfielder Jab’s team with the Rosiblanco team in the final tournament of 2004 kuramba He has got the fifth title. Furthermore, he was one of the members of Colombia’s under-20 team at the Category’s World Cup in 2005, as confirmed by the presenter of the programme. I know everything, Ariel Osorio.

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