Porcelain skin: Camilla Sodi and her secret to getting rid of eye wrinkles

camila sodi She’s one of our favorite facial care gurus and the fact that the celebrity usually has such a beautiful complexion just proves to us that she has the trick to eternal youth. Recently he shared a secret of his remove eye wrinkles, You’d be surprised how easy it is to model porcelain skin,

Goodbye to eye contour! This is how Camila Sodi finishes expression lines

via your instagram account famous person She shared a post in which she showed off one of her favorite rituals for reducing the puffiness of bags under the eyes in addition to fighting the appearance of expression lines. To our surprise, it’s not a classic eye contour, but a much easier product to apply.

On this occasion he chose a basic in routine Care of skin of Korean women; Gel patches that are perfect for a healthier, deflated finish and plenty of moisture. One step that I cannot miss when you want to give the best makeup look.

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Goodbye to eye contour! This is how Camila Sodi finishes expression lines
Goodbye to eye contour! This is how Camilla Sodi finishes the expression lines. Photo: Instagram

What is the function of the eye patch?

These products are perfect for firming up the skin around the face, an extremely delicate area that has fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the face. Because of this, the area tends to be finer, more delicate as well as more prone to dryness or sagging. so he who wears the patch camila sodi provide intense hydration and remove eye wrinkles

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