Possible outcome of the “kiss” between Eric Rubin and Apio Quijano, after the announcement of separation with Andrea Legareta

Eric Rubin and Apio Quijano star in a “romantic moment” in 90s pop tour video: TikTok/@los40veracruz

end of marriage between Eric Rubin And andrea legareta It has generated all kinds of reactions, the controversy being the main factor in what was one of the most popular Mexican celebrity relationships. For this reason, the virality of shows presented by former Timbirich Celery Quijano Keep giving something to talk about.

“Today we have decided to share something very personal… A decision that was not easy and that we made more than 5 months ago and we want to share it with the people who have helped us throughout our lives, in our careers , has supported us in our personal lives. History, as a couple and acquaintance …”, shared the former couple before the most commented controversy on social networks in recent times.

After “to kissthat the singer presented on his show with Kaba member Eric Rubin, announcing his end within the tour that was the stage for the controversy that now haunts him: 90s Pop Tour, “My farewell, Monterrey. See you there,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Instagram Related to his partner, causes theories about his departure.

Although the famous trip and concept created by Ari Borovoy, a member of OV7, will end its new aspect, fans of the former member of Timbiriche have speculated on social networks that everything will revolve around his brother. . Federica QuijanoBecause his viral show, despite being out of date, holds more than one argument for which the host Today decided to announce the end of their marriage.

“All the shows built around Apio Quijano and their participation in the 90s pop tour very casually ends after that dance with ‘Kiss’.” “I don’t like the idea that he’s leaving at this time when everyone is waiting to see what happens with him or his work, but all of us Timbiriche fans feel that it’s Kabba’s Kiss.” have to do with”. “Or is there really something they don’t want to tell us or if the separation from Legarreta is affecting them and exactly the same gay moment where Benny Ibarra can also be seen sprinkling,” said internet users. he said.

With a short video on Instagram, the interpreter of the rain does not stop assured that the alleged kiss that he and Apio give each other on the stage of the concert 90s Pop Tour They are just part of the show.

“Hey, is this Nat? I ended my marriage because now I have A Relationship With Celery…because at one point in the show we sing to each other, get close and pretend to kiss. Gentlemen, it’s a show! It’s something Celery herself does with Benny, they come closer, they touch each other, they hug each other, it’s something we, artists, singers do with each other . Same thing happened to my partner Melissa a few months ago, same thing: we got close, we sang, we hugged each other… So, now,” he’s sure it has something to do with it, said the singer.

Andrea Legarreta also reignited the controversy, convincing both Appio and Melissa Day JNS They have nothing to do with her decision and announcement of the end of her marriage to Eric Rubin.

The singer assured that the alleged kiss with his colleague was only an act

“It’s absurd, it’s far from the truth… I’ve tried to look at almost nothing or nothing, when I come across something it’s because maybe I got into the net and boom, there was the note The truth is, it seems to me that there are a lot of bad people, it seems to me that there are a lot of cruel people, without empathy, and maybe their own life story has been harsh and cruel and painful or they’ve been betrayed, So they like to say ‘come on, how love doesn’t happen’ or ‘they see how it wasn’t real, they see how it was fake, or oh, how good that happened to him’, they “hate Which assures that there is more than friendship between the former Timbiriche and the brother of deputy Federica Quijano.

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