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Prashant Damle rule V highly applicable: Man is a creature that generally does not conform to any human rule. The man of yesterday looks different today. It is impossible to say with certainty how we will act on any given occasion. That’s why there is a difference between words and deeds. In short, what will Terms and Conditions (Rule V super applicable) The stubbornness to be firm in thinking and acting on matters often proves to be wrong. The facility may violate the rules. Knowing this, terms and conditions apply. What if these terms and conditions apply to a husband-wife relationship?

If you want to see the excitement of a couple doing this exercise of rules and regulations, be sure to watch the crisp play of today’s generation, which came to the theater with its wonderful rules and fun rules. Producer Prashant Damle. The launch of the new play ‘Neyam Va Atti Lagoo’ produced by Gauri Theater and published by Prashant Damle Fan Foundation has been completed recently and theater lovers have responded well to this experiment.

Some terms and conditions should be followed in a relationship while living life: Chandrakant Kulkarni

Sankarshan has taken care of the writing of the play ‘Neyam Ve Atti Lagoo’ representing today’s young generation. The play is directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni. Talking about this play in a recent interview, Chandrakant Kulkarni said, “In today’s practical world, we have become more of a consumer rather than having a relationship between people. While walking in the outside world, we have to follow many rules and regulations. Conditions have to be followed, we have to follow.” Restrictions. Also, while living our life we ​​have to follow certain terms and conditions in our relationships. What exactly could they be? It is an interesting story written in a playful way.

great response to launch experiment

Responding to the overwhelming response of the audience, the play ‘Neyam V Atti Lagoo’ has been successfully staged. Prashant Damle has thanked the audience by sharing a special post.

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