Prince George is tested at the coronation of King Charles III, breaking royal tradition

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the british royal family has Prince George was put to the test by breaking a tradition at the coronation of King Charles III, The young man, only nine years of age, would one day be coronated, so he must be familiar with the great event being held in his honour.

next The coronation of King Charles III will take place on 6 May at Westminster Abbey. in London, and will be crowned alongside Queen Consort Camilla. To date it is known that it will hold only two thousand guests, unlike Isabel II who had eight thousand.

In addition, Prince George, second in line to succeed, He will have an important role in his grandfather’s coronation in which he will be tested, The nine-year-old is already preparing to break royal tradition The first young heir to the throne to play a role in the ceremony.

Prince George will be the first to break royal tradition The young heir usually only observes the ceremony without participating., He King Carlos III did nothing but watch his mother’s coronation in 1953Just as Queen Elizabeth II had no role when her father was crowned in 1937.

According to the British media, at the moment the emperor has not given any special role to his grandson. However, King Charles III and Queen Camilla are said to be meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton soon. to discuss how Prince George will “affect the ceremony”,

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