Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been expelled from the British Commonwealth crown

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been expelled from the Royal Institution of the British Commonwealth (CHOGM). A federation led by King Carlos III and consisting of more than 50 independent and semi-independent countries that maintain historical ties with the United Kingdom.

duke of sussex He has made several comments against the monarchs since 2020 after he decided to break away from the family, something that has raised alarm bells in the media and led to harsh sanctions being imposed against him.

beach problems british royalty And stemmed from the couple Markle and Harry accusing the royal family of racism and lashing out at some royals over others.

prince harry And Markle Through a documentary released on the Netflix platform and the book “Spare”, he has exposed the injustices he believes to be experienced by the British royal family.

However, the British monarchy has attacked dukes of sussex something that hurt them greatly, as they were removed from being President and Vice President respectively of the Commonwealth, which was established by Queen Elizabeth II to discuss issues affecting the Union and the world in general.

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