Priscilla Presley attends twin grandchildren’s school graduation

  • Priscilla Presley was the picture of a proud grandmother as she attended her twin granddaughters’ middle school graduation
  • Elvis’ widow, 77, attended Harper and Finley Lockwood’s ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday
  • But in the midst of a feud with Priscilla over Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, Priscilla’s granddaughter, Riley Keough, was notably absent from the occasion.

Priscilla Presley was the picture of a proud grandmother when she attended her twin granddaughters’ middle school graduation — but there was one notable absence from the ceremony.

The widow of Elvis, 77, was pictured at Harper and Finlay Lockwood’s ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday. Michael Lockwood, the father of the girls, also attended the occasion.

However, Riley Keough, daughter of the late Lisa Marie Presley, stayed away from the graduation.

Keough, 33, is embroiled in a bitter family feud with Priscilla over the late Lisa Marie’s multimillion-dollar estate. Lawyers for Elvis’ widow and Riley announced Tuesday in Los Angeles Probate Court that the two have “reached a settlement.”

During graduation on Friday, Priscilla proudly watched the ceremony, but stayed away from the rest of her family and went on her own.

Priscilla, 77, was pictured at her granddaughters Harper and Finley Lockwood’s middle school graduation on Friday
Harper (right) and Finley Lockwood (left) attending their middle school graduation in Los Angeles
Michael Lockwood, who was married to Lisa Marie Presley for 15 years, attends the graduation of his twin daughters Harper and Finlay
Lockwood and her daughters, Harper and Finley, join loved ones for graduation ceremony as family continues to deal with the fallout of Lisa Marie Presley’s death

She wore a glamorous white jacket over a white top and black trousers.

Michael Lockwood looked dapper in a gray suit and matching hat.

The family is dealing with the death of Lisa Marie Presley, who died suddenly in January at the age of 54 after going into cardiac arrest at her Calabasas home.

It is claimed that Riley hopes there will be no more estrangement after his vicious legal battle with his grandmother Priscilla comes to an end.

Riley is relieved to have settled a dispute over her mother’s estate. She doesn’t want any drama with her grandma,’ an insider told People.

The source added that when the legal battle between Riley and Priscilla broke out, the former was ‘hoping they could settle quickly.’

At Lisa Marie’s memorial service, Riley and her husband Ben Smith-Petersen went public with the arrival of their new daughter.

The source shared that the outburst of tension between grandmother and granddaughter has been “very difficult” for Riley.

Harper wore an all-white outfit to the graduation ceremony
Finley opted for a baggy zip-up hoodie with baggy jeans
The twins were all smiles after being joined by family members for their middle school graduation
Michael Lockwood looked dapper in a gray suit and matching hat as he celebrated his daughters’ graduation
Priscilla wore a glamorous white jacket over a white top and black trousers
Priscilla proudly attended her granddaughters’ graduation, but stayed away from the rest of her family and went on her own
The dearly departed: The bitter family feud between Priscilla, 77, and Riley, 33, over the multimillion-dollar estate of the late Lisa Marie Presley (pictured) came to an end this week

‘She now wants to focus on making memories with her daughter,’ the insider revealed. ‘It’s his priority.’

‘Priscilla is happy,’ her lawyer Ronson Simon told when the settlement was reached. ‘The families are happy and united and together and looking forward to the future.’

Asked if Riley was also happy with the settlement, her lawyer Justin Gould told ‘If she wasn’t happy with it, she wouldn’t have agreed to the settlement.’

Only two weeks after Lisa Marie’s death in January, her mother Priscilla launched a legal challenge to her daughter’s will—which gives control of Lisa Marie’s wealthy Promenade Trust to her daughter Riley.

Riley, who was reportedly furious when her grandmother went to court to contest the will, did not file an objection to Priscilla’s challenge.

the twins with their father Michael Lockwood
Priscilla, widow of Elvis Presley, attended the middle school graduation of her twin granddaughters on Friday

Riley supported her mother during her estranged, often nasty divorce and child custody disputes with her fourth husband, musician Michael Lockwood, 61, father to Lisa Marie’s twin, 14-year-old daughters, Finley and Harper.

It is reported that Priscilla and Lisa Marie were ‘barely speaking’ just before the latter’s death, when Priscilla took Lockwood’s side over custody of the twins.

Multiple sources told PEOPLE that mother and daughter were not on speaking terms, despite appearing at several events together, including the premiere of the Elvis biopic starring Austin Butler.

A source told the magazine, ‘Riley was always on her mother’s side when it came to Michael (Lockwood).’ ‘It bothered him that his grandmother and Michael went to (Lisa Marie’s) funeral together.’

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