Promo video for ‘I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami’ anime reveals theme song

official website for Sazanami Soshi ni Junketsu o Sasaguanime of aki murakami‘S Sazanami soshi ni shojo o sasagu ~ sa, jikkuri medamasho ka ~ ,I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami. Now, take your time to love her.) manga posted a promotional video for the anime on Wednesday, the video reveals and previews the anime’s theme song “Virgin Moonlight”. Yoshiki NakajimaThe voice actor The on-air version of the anime features the main character Soushie for Sazanami, performing the theme song as his character and also narrating the video.

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The first episode will premiere on the anime animefesta service in March, but before streaming begins youtube And niconico services at 24:00 on 2 April (effectively, midnight on 3 April). (more clear premium version is exclusive animefestaWhile the on-air version will stream for free on all services.) The anime will then air on April 2 at 25:00 (effectively, April 3 at 1:00). tokyo mx And BS11 television channel.

Cast members of the anime include:

  • on-air version
  • premium Edition

sana negi ,Everything for the Demon King Evlogiadirecting the anime studio hokiboshiAnd eyo kurosaki ,Titan’s Brideoverflow) writing the script. Katsuyuki Sato ,Fire in his fingers – My childhood friend is a fireman –, my stepmother’s daughter is my ex, Hokkaido girls are too cute!) is designing the characters, and Sato, Seiya Misawa, Kazuya Shiroda, withoutAnd reena nasu serving as chief animation directors. Hiromi Nishiyama directing sound at studio mouse,

The manga focuses on a 26-year-old virgin office worker named Nagisa. She goes on a journey with the aim of improving her shyness, and has a chance meeting with a yakuza member named Sazanami. She begins a relationship with him after a night together.

Murakami launched Manga on the comic CMOA website in March 2021. susisha The first anthology volume of the manga will be published in February 2022, and the third volume will ship on March 17.

Source: Sazanami Soshi ni Junketsu o Sasagu Anime website, Comic Natalie

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