Quantummania’ $364M WW on its way to the $500M+ Finals – Deadline

refresh to latest, Disney/Marvel’s Coming Off Its Second Weekend Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania have earned $363.6 million Globally. Of that, $167.3M is from domestic and $196.3 million from the international box office.

second frame was foreign frame $46.4 million Coming in 57% behind last weekend’s bow, with a slight drop in 52 markets compared to North America – which was lower than estimates due to softness in the Asia Pacific region. It’s not the worst drop for Marvel, but it’s not the best either.

The same principle from last weekend’s offshore start continues to apply: early critical scores dampened Wansee, sci-fi star wars ilk is a tough sell in some Asian markets and spacing between Marvel movies in China could be a challenge (amid the lack of appetite for Hollywood movies in general). More will be known in the coming months as several studio films are nearing release.

Europe and Latin America are still doing well AM3And the foreign final should reach the $280M region, while the worldwide one will surpass $500M.

The threequel remains the No. 1 non-local film in all markets except Norway and Saudi Arabia (where cocaine bear And planeranked top, respectively).

came on global date AM3 4 has surpassed the final gross of the MCU release (The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor And black mother) at current rates and excluding Russia. internationally, quantum frenzy are more The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor And Shang Chi Yet and so on at current rates and except for Russia.

The top 5 markets so far are China ($31.5 million), UK ($17.8 million), Mexico ($13.1 million), Korea ($10.8 million) and France ($9.5 million).

in IMAX, quantum frenzy grossed $32.5M globally.

In other Disney news, Avatar: The Way of Water has now reached $2.267B worldwide including $1.602B Internationally. The current overseas frame made a comeback $9.4 million In 52 markets, a decline of 20%. 11 After the weekend, Very good becoming the highest-grossing film of all time in Europe (at current rates and excluding Russia).

top 5 markets China ($244.6 million), France ($150.3 million), Germany ($141 million), Korea ($107.7 million) and UK ($92.3 million).

New this weekend, directed by Universal’s Elizabeth Banks cocaine bear sniffed $5.3 million to bring the global bow to the international level $28.4 million,

Playing in 50 markets, opening was high except preview violent night And Animal, and according to crawl In likes and dislikes. UK $2M headed for No. 3 in the market. Australia $1M in debuts at 243 locations and increased performance throughout the frame. Still to come are France, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Italy and Germany.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation Puss in Boots: The Last Wish another pair $7.4 million Decline of 30% from 80 markets to lift international $269.1 million and to global $442.5 million, Offshore, ahead 46% coming through Sunday sing 2 and according to Sing And how to train your dragon 3,

Meanwhile, an animated Warner Bros. Spain co-production that’s been a bit under the radar until now, mummy, this weekend saw considerable expansion. with a guess $6.9 million From 57 overseas markets, international dates arrived $18.5 million, directed by Juan Jesus García Galocha (who also worked on Tad: The Lost Explorer franchise), the film notably debuted in spain This season is at number 1 with 1.5 million dollars with 1.5 million dollars. As the school holidays continue in Madrid, its starts are well above their recent counterparts. WB made a strategic bet on the film, which is understood to have a budget of less than $10M, and began an offshore rollout in early January. Play will continue with the UK date of 31 March. It is a co-production of 4Cats Pictures SL, Anangu Grup SLU and Moomios Movie AIE, distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment España.


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