Quentin Tarantino Is Making His Tenth And Final Film About Film Critic Pauline Kael

Quentin Tarantino has said for years that he intends to retire when he makes ten movies. Nine had already released, all that was left was to wait for it to decide that if he kept his promise, it would be his last film. It seems that the director of pulp Fiction He’s already decided what his farewell act will be, and according to The Hollywood Reporter it will be a project that surprised many. there is a script called film critic (film critic) which will begin shooting this fall and will star film critic Pauline Kael as its central character, according to sources consulted by the US outlet.

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The director hasn’t confirmed the news, but to The Hollywood Reporter he spills the beans about the script which will be set in Los Angeles in the late 70s and with a woman as the absolute protagonist. They name the script and assure that filming is imminent and at the moment, the project is looking for a studio to release it. Looks like the best position is Sony, with whom he has worked on his previous film, once upon a time in hollywood, What still remains a mystery is its cast.

Tarantino has shown his admiration for Pauline Kael on several occasions, and even participated in a documentary about her figure, where she explained how filmmakers of her generation, including Wes Anderson and David O. Russell, her critiques were very influential: “We grew up with Ella like she was our Kerouac from the movies.” In fact, her recently released book, film reflection, Inspired by him. A book which, moreover, will be presented in Barcelona on 9 April.

Kail was not only Hollywood’s toughest and most feared critic, but she also served as a consultant for Paramount in the late 1970s and worked closely with Warren Beatty. She was one of the defenders and promoters of the concept of ‘New Hollywood’. A timing that according to The Hollywood Reporter coincides with what appears in Tarantino’s script and which leads one to think that this critique of the title will, at the very least, be Pauline Kael’s alter ego.

If he does shoot for the film, it will be the one that fulfills the quota of work he had assured that he would direct before retiring. The director has always marked his 10 films and has said he will stop making more when he reaches that number or turns 60, which he will do later this month. In 2012, in an interview in Playboy magazine, he explained his decision to retire: “I want to stop at a certain point. Directors don’t get better as they get older. Usually the worst films in his filmography are the last four. I am my filmography, and one bad film ruins three good films. I don’t want bad comedy to have any place in my filmography. It’s never nice to see directors become obsolete.

Although this film will be his farewell, Tarantino has other projects, as he has agreed to the second part of his book, a play, and there are rumors that he is also preparing a mini-series for a stage. Netflix could be.

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