Quentin Tarantino mourns the “death” of Rick Dalton

If you’ve been keeping up with Quentin Tarantino since 2019 once upon time in hollywood, you’ll find that few characters have ever piqued your interest quite like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton. Tarantino has been teasing a new book titled “The Films of Rick Dalton,” and in fact, just last week, a mysterious new Wikipedia page surfaced that filled out Dalton’s filmography in an intriguing way. Now, through official Twitter feed In the Video Archives podcast, which he hosts with Roger and Gala Avery, he confirmed the “death” of Rick Dalton at the age of ninety. The podcast is also hyping a special commemorative episode dropping Tuesday that will examine some of the best casts.

Tarantino has spent the past few years carefully building his fictional Rick Dalton universe, primarily once upon time in hollywood Novelization which inter alia confirmed that Dalton made minor comebacks in the seventies and eighties before retiring in his fifties. The book also reveals that Dalton was bipolar, which fueled his alcoholism. He eventually gave up drinking after the suicide of a young actor named Pete Duell (a real person) who was similarly afflicted. According to the Video Archives feed, Dalton was married to his Italian wife, Francesca (who helped him and Cliff Booth take on the Manson Family), and the Wikipedia page revealed that he and Booth had a gun in 2019. Made a series of hit B-action films. called the eighties the fireman,

As a big fan of the Video Archives podcast, which is wrapping up its first season and QT is preparing for his tenth and final film, I’m hyped for this special Rick Dalton episode. I’m incredibly excited for his book, The Films of Rick Dalton, which follows his wonderful non-fiction cinema speculations. I also hope that, if indeed his next film is about a film critic in Los Angeles in the seventies (as is rumored), DiCaprio may appear as Dalton in some capacity, because I really do. I think this is one of the best roles of the actor.

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