Rain postpones Cordoba fair’s star bullfight

In pictures the postponement of Domingo Hernandez’s bullfight in CórdobaAJ Gonzalez


bull fight Plan of This Saturday at 7:00 PM. Used to be Postponed to this Sunday at 12:00PM reason of intensity that he has fallen Rain from 18.20 and to conditions in which he remains arena, RightThe company And this Three bullfighters, José Antonio Morante de la Puebla, Andrés Roca Rey and Juan Ortega He has signed the adjournment document at 7:30 pm with prior agreement of the parties. “before that impossible due to adverse weather and floor position, fighting is impossible”, according to official records.

literally at the same time, The public address system in the square has announced the postponement And the public that has occupied the rows, vomits and internal corridors of the square, is evicting the building. Official sources have given this information there was no chance to celebrate because it was raining at the start and because the forecast kept those showers all afternoonWhat does this mean for the conditions of the Ring, which already had a real 7:45 p.m. mud, In this sense, sources in the Working Group have expressed that all forecasts have indicated that the rains will continue and In these situations the risk of fighting in Albero is very high.,

In this way, the same sources confirm, once the willingness of the three bullfighters announced to act this Sunday has been verified, since they have no commitments, it has been decided to postpone with the company, a Measure Considered in Andalusian Bullfighting Rules, high expectation it has escalated the bullfight The three greatest bullfighting figures of all timeIt means Sale of three quarters of the Plaza’s capacity, which makes for a compelling reason to try to make the show happen. However, the regulation considers Refund of tickets for those who cannot attend this Sunday, On the other hand this Saturday’s entry makes possible no change access For the postponed celebration.

inevitable transformation of the bullfight Turns the Sunday of the Fair into a Unique Day, starting at 12:00 am The bulls of Domingo Hernandez, Morante de la Puebla, Roca Rey and Juan Ortega They will go for a short walk at this unusual time. already in the afternoon, at 7:00 p.m., and as planned, Finito de Cordoba, Alejandro Talavante and Paco Aguado They would see him with the running of the bulls by Álvaro Núñez.

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