‘Ramayana’ fame Vibhishan ends his life by jumping in front of a train; the reason was terrible

Mumbai, March 11- Almost everyone knows the TV serial ‘Ramayana’. Lockdown was done in the whole country due to Corona epidemic. Then once again this serial was telecasted. Interestingly, this serial was at the top of ‘TRP’ at that time. The special thing is that many people were remembering the atmosphere at the time of airing of this serial on TV in the past. Vibhishan was such a character in this serial, which the audience still remembers. Today we are going to tell you about the actor Mukesh Rawal who played this character. Zee News has told about this.

The TV serial ‘Ramayan’ produced by Ramanand Sagar is not only popular but also remembered forever. People still remember the actors who played Lord Shri Ram, Lakshman, Mata Sita, Hanuman, Ravana and Vibhishan in this TV serial. Today we are going to know about the actor Mukesh Rawal who played the role of Vibhishan in this TV serial. Mukesh passed away in 2016. So, today we will know how Mukesh got the role of Vibhishan and how he died.

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a theater actor

Actor Mukesh Rawal has been associated with theater for a long time. It was here during a play that he caught sight of Ramanand Sagar. Mukesh also auditioned for the role of Vibhishan alongside Meghnad. However, later he was offered the role of Vibhishan. He has done justice to this role. That’s why many people remember this role even today.

committed suicide in mumbai

According to media reports, Mukesh Rawal committed suicide in 2016. His mutilated body was found on the tracks near Kandivali station in Mumbai. Why did they do it? The reason for this was also told later. Mukesh’s son had died untimely. It is said that since then he was in deep depression. Actually Mukesh had a son and a daughter. He married the girl. But his son died prematurely.

It is said that after the marriage of the girl, Mukesh had become completely lonely and he was depressed by the memory of the child. Meanwhile, due to this depression, he committed suicide one day by sleeping on the railway track. Meanwhile, most of the actors of Ramayana serial may have died, but many people still remember them because of their characters.

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