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A religious woman decides to become the mistress of a married friend of hers. a model A movie star and controversy that began in Playboy, involving a pilot who hides an illness to avoid losing his job, becomes a victim Blackmail that it would put you in danger; is part of the panorama of some of the proposals that can be seen in Streaming Platform.

love death

Elisabeth Olsen gets an intense performance in the miniseries.

Candy Montgomery is a devoted homemaker who juxtaposes between the Methodist church, her home, and her husband’s choir. But one day she develops a crush on a friend’s husband and her life gets complicated. Inspired by a court case that shook American society in 1978, this miniseries seeks to explore the social and emotional context of the heroes who committed the betrayal and the consequences of giving forbidden romance a chance. Together Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision) and Jesse Plemonds (Breaking Bad). It can be viewed on HBO Max.

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Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me

Images from the documentary ‘Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me’.

a detailed documentary of Ursula McFarlane Chronicles the exploits of an actress and model who came to be regarded as a sex bomb and who was swept up in the excesses of fame. Remembered for the tapes and Where’s the Policeman 33 1/2 (The Last Insult), Smith had a turbulent and difficult childhood. Her best friend, Missy, who was her best friend early in her career, and artist Virgie Mae Hogan’s own mother, testified in this production that Can be seen on Netflix.

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Guillermo Francella returns to suspense in this Argentinian film.

Sikandar is A veteran pilot hiding a medical condition Which would mean his immediate retirement. When the Argentine intelligence services find him, they will demand that he take some suitcases with him on his flights. Madrid to Buenos Aires. If you don’t, you will lose your job. situation begins to complicate, giving way to A thriller in which the actor’s work is highlighted William Francella (clan, manager). It is available on HBO Max.

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Alaska Journal

Hilary Swank does investigative journalism in this series.

An investigative reporter has to give up a booming career in New York and start a new life in a town in Alaska. This means that he becomes part of a small newspaper, quite the opposite of the one he experienced in the Big Apple. A Drama Added in-depth investigation about the need for change and re-meeting a series of murders. it is starring Hilary Swank and Colombian actor Pablo Castablanco and can be seen in Star+.

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fatal Attraction

Joshua Jones and Lizzy Caplan star in this serialized version of the 80s film.

If he were of the generation that got scared by the 1988 thriller starring Michael Douglas and Glenn CloseYou might be interested in this version of this story in serial format, updating some aspects of it extramarital affairs, Lizzy Caplan plays Alex, who becomes obsessed with her boyfriend Dan (Joshua Jackson) after a fleeting romance that leads to unexpected consequences for both of them. It’s available on Paramount+


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