Richard Eden says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted revenge

Harry and Meghan’s ‘revenge’ on royal family? Richard Eden tells Palace Confidential that announcing Archie and Lily’s titles is ‘vengeance’ for Frogmore Cottage loss

by Palace Confidential for Mail+

20:14 09 March 2023, updated 20:17 09 March 2023

Is Prince Harry seeking revenge for ousting his father King Charles III? It’s a question hot on the lips of our royal experts.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced in the pages of People magazine that their children will be a ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ following a series of alleged insults against them, in what could be an act of retribution.

The Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden says he believes Harry and Meghan may have been particularly hurt when the king evicted them from their UK base, Frogmore Cottage, a few weeks ago.

Speaking on the Mail Plus royal talk show Palace Confidential, Richard said: ‘It sounds to me as revenge by Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed this week that their children will be known as Prince Archie of Sussex and Lilibet Diana, Princess of Sussex.

‘What we have seen are two big developments during the last week.’

He continued: ‘It emerged last week that they are being evicted from their only British home, which they have described as their forever home at Frogmore Cottage, but then we also learn that Camilla’s grandson’s coronation The roles were going to happen.

He said, ‘I think both things will bother Harry and Megan.’

‘They must be thinking “What can we do to get our revenge?” And making sure our kids can have these two titles.

Richard Eden, editor of our royal talk show Palace Confidential Daily Mail Diary, said he believed the Sussexes were acting for ‘revenge’.

Also speaking on the show, the Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English suggested the Sussexes forced the ‘Palace’s hand’ on the matter following ‘panic’ that the King might act to stop it.

She explained that the latest tension over the titles arose after the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II, with Harry and Meghan upset that nothing had been updated on the royal family’s official website.

“They were a little nervous behind the scenes that the king might bring out letters patent to change the existing rules so they couldn’t make it automatic and for Harry it was all tied up in security issues,” she told the show.

‘So there’s been a bit of toeing and froing and I personally think the Sussexes have forced the Palace’s hand on this one.’

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