Rob Schneider “aims” to be the opening act at Luis Miguel concert

Rob Schneider he ‘begs’ luis miguel Let her be the opening act for your concert. famous actor of Hollywood He sent a message to “The Sun” through social networks where he asks him to open at least one of his shows that he will do this year.

It all started because the singer posted the following tweet: “Like this tweet if you want free tickets to my next show.”

Immediately, Schneider did not miss the opportunity and made his special request: “I’d like it, where and when? I have my own schedules to worry about! How about I open the schedules for you for free? Just tell me where my wife Patty and When did you start screaming with happiness?

Unfortunately for Schneider, Luis Miguel did not respond to the request. This isn’t the first time Rob has messaged Luismi, as as soon as he announced his 2023 tour, he asked her to let him know about dates, something that hasn’t happened yet.

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