Roca Rey didn’t postpone her victory; morante, he stings it

It wasn’t deja vu to believe that I was seeing again Lily is stepping on Albero, Which was hidden under layers of sawdust twenty minutes before the celebration. Because that had already been experienced a few hours earlier. He was telling his matador—Morante, who stood watchful by the barrier—where he could sow the seed of bullfighting. But the faces were already different, convinced that the celebration should and would happen. with undeniable winter festival lookbecause of the weather, because of the schedule and even because of the presentation of some of the bulls, who used to ring the manolet at twelve in the morning so that The smile of the Caliphs will be drawn in the endwhich were diminishing and soured during the controversial bullfight of questionable and uneven presentation, stuttering material, led by a Ornery King Rock,

  • Bullring of the Caliphs.
    Sunday, May 21, 2023. morning (postponed the day before). Second fertilizer. About three quarters of a square. The bulls of Domingo Hernandez were fought, some with the irons of Garcigrande (1, 4 and 6). First, good style and fair breed; second, without heat, lethargic; third, cape in crutches and classy in bottom; fourth, weak (whispers while stretching); Morucho, the 5th, returned to the pen; 5th Bis, stripped; Sixth, noble, without degrading.
  • residents of puebla
    Of catafalque and silver. Lunge and almost done (ovation after request); Half jab, half lunge and a touch of pithing (silence).
  • Juan Ortega,
    Purest and of gold. three very low punches and bass (silent); Two punctures and a downer (division of views).
  • king rock,
    Mexican pink and gold. lunge (two ears); Lunge (ear).

Together stall, Domingo Hernandez’s first – with Garcigrande’s iron – confirmed what the images of the draw had announced: that was the best runIn his way, in his manner. that already in his exit he demonstrated what was spontaneous, that sawdust would not prevent the ring from being a skating rink, through which slid a cascade of hulls that ended Bullfighting Monument to Veronica, Six signature lashes from Morante de la Puebla’s academic genflexing receipt, going more and more hearty, more slowly. The fourth and sixth were glorious, before he ran to the planks where he was going to rescue him. Lily, a bullfighter who is considered valid by some for his bullfighter is always ready for his requests. After what minutes he would exchange tasks so that it was La Puebla who would do the work for him. quite neat body, with gallant bankruptcy, Before he got on his horse a second time, they were shouting from the stands “Come on, John!”Joe Ortega attends Veronica, inaccurate in terrain and distances, but dedicated and faithful to his style.

later it would be Morante, with a Like the Montera featured in Guerita on one of the canvases hanging from the stand, which will be placed in the center of the saucer five caliphs offered land and taking a napkin, which looked like his crutch in the kneeling pose that opened the act, to pass it low and high, to the melodic rhythms of Domingo Hernandez. He was filled with maya, who seemed almost to receive it with his right hand, very embedded, almost without marking the touch, in his line. his jacket with silver embroidery opened up, growing larger with each encounter, but with long corillo and gold vest, as matadors with a spinning change should go. Tenderete’s short run did not reach for the turn to the left, so was already vulnerable. Although Morante insisted, with bully spirit, like when he ran through Montera to cheer on the stands when Mulilla came out. Earlier he insisted on a long work, in a hoarse voice, with a committed gesture. that when he went to get tijona asked for a towel to wipe the blood Satchel, barely perceptible in the black color of the band. This is reminiscent of the biography of Pharaoh de Camas, when he classified the suit as appalling to bloody. He pricked her once before the handkerchief appeared, which was not enough. a task that would have entered more fourth place if it had come out dry gallardetto, tall, with a piton lengthwise that came over the rims. Without style, without remembering anything, like the brief Morantian intervention that sought people softened by the sword.

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rock, synonymous with victory

some of us would like to keep it Corbett’s geniusthird in the afternoon, to lose weightJoe Braves as field oracle, Luis Miguel Parrado, was in second cap with “559 kilos” on the afternoon of Morante’s tail. The deal with “460 kilos” after three weeks in Cordoba, as strange as it would be later, which was a stream of insults Despite his height for the cloak and his stiff neck, which he used to give up for a third of a crutch. This is how some bulls have fought Roca Ray in VeronicaTight, bowed, with lots of expression. To which he spearheaded the motion of an hourglass in nearly perfect combination, millimeter in everything, which he tied to the media with some standing posts. He remembered what he had pointed out many times in the past year, such as in Pamplona, ​​Bilbao or Malaga. Sleek in the Ebro, rocking in the match, a bullfighter in his development. that continued committed Paco AlgabaJoe is not from Vega del Guadalquivir, but from Córdoba, flagging on a knife edge with Chacon again insulting in his intelligence and land ability.

they gave to josé maria montilla, who was born in Jarena where he lives, who lives in Córdoba where he fought. very open in rhythm, he started trying to organize it and consolidate it on damp ground, until he extracted the naturals very slowly, discovering the pearl of bravery that Domingo Hernández was trying to hide, which he had mesmerized with a dry touch over a long period of time. To postpone their trophies, without protesting to win, they tried to spoil it ojedista air, straight in his figure, with crutches above the waist. very slowly he destined to kill, when had to walk away from the encounter How much time passed, how close the dragon passed to him. the caliphs were painted white after a deed that was sublimated by capotera excellence and stabbing genius,

Unlike what happened in the previous one, with the sixth there was no connection with the cape, but yes there was quality in crutches, Despite the humiliation and lack of running, always between short jumps Attractive, Which was not really the case. big and ugly compared to the rest. His rhythmic fretting was effortless, without strain, contained with the most natural beat. liked it and liked it more, even in the reverse circularity. The first one was perfect, at the affectionate pace of the dying animal, which he encouraged with moves at his height, which he continued with two other endless ones, as if driving Arles mad with the La quinta bullfight. “Bullfighter, bullfighter!” that he did not correct the President in his aim of denying the fourth ear.

Very few people will remember about Ortega

little will be remembered about the passing of juan ortega for this bullfight, before a very rubbish, Carabello had a slight profile and charm, the first of them to lean on his hands, between jumps, without much enthusiasm. This bullfighter was able to amass little more than a humble start, which has been so eagerly awaited in this otherworldly land. he jumped down four timesWhere he also signed his morning. woolen, The fifth, with the iron of Garigrande, brought only good name, Historic in the house of Núñez del Cuvillo, but the most historic Crackers: Bull’s, President’s and Bridle, who was on his way to pick up a Morucho who had already been captured with the Banderillas. The president’s decision was not very well understood, leading to widespread anger. that yes, it served Manolo Quinta will show himself as one of the references for varilargueros, The blessed branch that comes out of the trunk. What some saw as illegal, others deemed necessary and right. He twice threw the horse at him, always hitting the yolks, ignoring the line. Halters spent more time in the ring than Woolley in their fight, demonstrating this by refusing to return to the pigtails. They are not suitable for this category of post, And out came Ofivarde, which didn’t even meet the bare minimum, no race, no style, no python’s blunt. In the antipodes of a bull for the first place. Ortega ended up being a disaster in a very ugly way because of the numbers.

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