Roca Rey overwhelmed in Córdoba and embroiled bullfighting against Morante and Juan Ortega against Veronica

Peru’s Roca Rey has cut off three ears today in the morning bullfight held at the Arena of Caliphates in Córdoba, a festival that was postponed yesterday due to bad weather and left Morante de la Puebla and Juan Ortega blank.

Morante, with an uneven batch of treats, left a nice cloak in front of the square opener, fighting confidently for Veronica. After toasting the audience, the right-handed batsman helped himself to the high before attempting to complete the task with his right hand carrying two lead chains. The bull, noble and just, was reduced, thereby preventing the further projection of precious isolated details into the work.

Before the fourth, the bullfighter had few options before the animal went out immediately, so Morante chose the abbreviated form.

Juan Ortega, with the worst of the afternoon batch, could not do much against his two foes. She took advantage of her turn to drop two flirtatious Veronicas and half before Morante.

With his first, an abandoned and disoriented bull that did not want a fight, the Sevillian could barely overcome his will; He couldn’t do much more with Pet and Too Bad Hat coming in fifth.

Roca Rey, with the best of the batch, de-eared the first one he fought with in command from start to finish. Along with the cape he left a bouquet of Veronicas, executed with flair and harmony. He gave José María Montilla, dean of the Cordovan Matadores, the task of great speed, fighting with length and stiffness, without exploding fully.

Work similar to Peruvian, finished in short range and consolidated along the border with the sword. two ears.

An addendum received before last, with which it did not fit with the cape. After roasting the masses, he roasted the series with both hands, fighting more deeply from mid-range. Work in mid altitude which was also over in the nearest fields and media. Ear.

Festive wrap.– bulls belonging to the shackles of Domingo Hernandez and Garigrande, fifth as a cap, acceptable appearance and uneven play. The third stood outside.

Morante de la Puebla, in black and silver: Punctured and half-lying (Ovation); Two loud and pithy (silence).

Juan Ortega, in light blue and gold: three punctures (silent); Two punctures and lunge (silence).

Roca Ray, Maroon and Gold: lunge (two ears); Lunge (ear).

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