Rosa López explains why she lied to the OT when she said she lived in Armilla instead of Almanzayar Industrial Estate

rose lopez He returns to the neighborhood of his origin with Albert Espinosa in the program El Camino a Casa. on your field trip Almanzayar Industrial Estate in GranadaThe artist admits that he lied in the syllabus that he sent to Operación Triunfo and invented another “very pleasant” one that had nothing to do with it Reality.

“I love that we’re here because if I die, I’ll die in peace,” revealed the singer, who wants people to know where she came from and justifies those lies “of a For” Good cause.” “I was fighting for the dream that started here,” he recalls.

“coming back here is a balance account which you had”, reflects Espinosa, with whom López agrees. “It’s bitter sweet because it makes me very angry that my dreams started in this area, and many years have passed and now I have to return “

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