Rosa Lopez recalls her original Flintstones costume made from her parents’ chicken bones

rose lopez walk together albert espinosa The path she took when she was young to go to school. At one point, he stops in front of the campus where his family ran a chicken shop And the singer explains how they fared there and how the siblings did when it was their turn to help out their parents.

“We put the chickens in, set them up, and clean them one by one. We neck them, we hang them, we cut off their legs, we take out a little piece of the wing, and we gut them, Empty from below.” Then we put them inside”, explain. And with his brother played with hearts: “we’ll throw them on the roof and they’ll stick, Whoever endured the most with their hearts on the roof wins,” he confesses.

One of the memories he has of this chicken shop is of the carnival costumes. He He wanted to dress as ‘Bette Marmol’ from The Flintstones, and her mother, who did the tailoring, made her a blue velvet suit and decorated the costume with some real chicken bones, which had been put into pigtails. “I was a real caveman,” jokes Rosa López, remembering it.

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