Rosa López shows how the sandwich she ate as a child was: “Mortadella with butter”

albert espinosa shows a replica of Rosa Lopez Childhood breakfast. “Where do I put it?”, reacts the artist when she sees its size. She also states that both she and her brothers were called ‘liter’ in school. the reason? With the intake of that sandwich a liters of milk

“We loved drinking milk,” recalls Lopez. about the sandwich mortadella With butter, Rosa makes it clear that she cannot eat anything like this anymore. “I don’t eat meat anymore, that’s changed too,” he confesses. “I haven’t eaten meat for years, and my grandparents were Butcher and my dad had a barbecue Chicken’s”.

“Now I drink milk, but I’ve spent five years Vegetarian“, he assures. Then they turn to father’s old business. “I remember we used to play with the hearts of chickens,” confessed Rosa López.

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