Rosa López’s show with Taburete to the beat of ‘Caminito a motel’

After breaking the record for three volumes in apnea, the singer left everyone speechless in the seventh show of ‘El Desafio’. Rosa López will also have to use the wind in this program, but this time to learn to play the melodica.

“How beautiful!” The contestant says that when she finds the instrument during rehearsal. Difficulties arise when Rosa learns how to play the melodica, “I don’t know” she assures her coach to search for works for the instrument.

The winner of Program 7 with her coach said that Rosa could not hold back her tears when she heard the sound emitted by Melodica, “she has a kind of sadness”.

The band enters the set to perform together. rose lopez ‘Walk to Motel’. Join the group and enjoy an incredible performance with the contestant’s tune of ‘El Desafio’ stool, a show!

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