Rosalia and Rau Alejandro preview the song ‘Beso’, the first single from their EP ‘RYA’

The countdown has begun! On Friday, March 24, it opens REfirst ep of rosalia And Raw Alejandro of which the couple have published the first advance.

There are three songs in the works—’I Kiss, II Vampire, III Promise’—and you can already hear how it sounds Kiss, In a video posted on TikTok, Rosalia and Rauv have sung a song.

Lyrics of ‘Beso’ by Rosalia and Rau Alejandro

I want one more hell kiss

One of those you give me.

being away from you is hell

Being close to you is my peace.

And it’s that I love it whenever you come

and i hate you leaving

i’m going to kill with you

don’t leave me alone

Where are you going, where are you going?”

The double RR tattooed by Rosalia on the sole of her foot

twin RE This is the symbol of Rosalia and Raw Alejandro. Sometime back we came to know that the Catalan singer has got this tattoo inked on the sole of her left foot. While this isn’t the same design they chose for the EP’s cover, in which the rupees appear to be facing each other, it’s imperative to think of the context.

For his part, it is also no secret that Rau Alejandro bears Rosalia’s name in the center of his chest.

Rau Alejandro: “We’re going to make it as real as possible”

“From the beginning we always separate our career and work,” said Raw Alejandro a few days ago in a conversation with Ibai Llanos on this subject, where he also assured that when the time comes it will be something really special Will happen. “I believe when the ideal moment happens and when it happens it will be very special. We have been together for almost four years“, the artist reflected on their relationship, which unfolds in late 2021. It then comes to light that the artist couple kept their love a secret for over a year.

Neither of them wanted to do anything in haste or under pressure from the media. “We try not to be the typical couple that falls in love and the next day, the next Friday, they already have a theme. We’re going to make it as real as possible and in the future, when the moment is right, So something super cool would be.”, she confessed.

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