Rosalia and Raw Alejandro, very cute in their new song ‘Beso’

This week Rosalia and Rau Alejandro have announced their first joint EP, a short work that will be released on March 24 and will include three songs. The collaboration of the two artists has generated great expectations among Catalan and Puerto Rican followers. For this reason, Rosalia has gone further on her Tik Tok account, trying to replicate the successful formula that served her at the launch of Motomami, a short preview of the song. Kiss.

In the romantic piece that the singer has published on the said social network, you can see the good chemistry between Rosalia and Raú Alejandro. The performers are shown lying face-up and singing a short line of the song. There is no doubt that both the singers are in a great professional and personal moment and their next EP is the musical result of their love and appreciation for each other.

Rau Alejandro and Rosalia in New York

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Rosalia and Rau Alejandro have not waited long to present to their followers the first preview of their collaboration, the song Beso, which is part of their first joint EP. This couple has shown a very romantic video in which they are seen lying on the bed and singing the lyrics of the song with great emotion.

The chemistry between the two is more than evident and fans didn’t take long to react to the news, which has been one of the most anticipated in the world of music. Rosalia herself had already stated in an interview that she was working with Rau in the studio, which raised a lot of expectations.

Rosalia and Raaw Alejandro on TikTok

Rosalia and Raaw Alejandro on TikTok

Rosalia/Tik Tok

According to one of the publications uploaded on social networks by Rosalia and Rau Alejandro, the EP will consist of three songs, Beso, Vampiro and Promesa, and will be released on March 24, a date that is no coincidence since both artists will be On tour at the time. While Rau Alejandro will be performing in New York, Rosalia will be in Bogotá, which is why this EP is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the season.

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Although it is the first time that Rosalia and Rau Alejandro have worked together 100% on a song, the truth is that they have been supporting each other in their musical careers for some time. Catalan has danced to Rau’s songs in front of thousands of people and has dedicated more than one song live.

a good love story

Puerto Rican Raw Alejandro and Spanish Rosalia have become one of the hottest couples in the entertainment world and, although rumors about their alleged separation started last August, neither of them has come out to make a statement.

The romance between the singers was confirmed in late September 2021 and although there were rumors about their alleged relationship a few months earlier, the couple kept what was happening a secret until the singer celebrated her 28th birthday. Rau has not confirmed her relationship with Alejandro. … Since then, none of them hesitate to share the love they have for each other with their followers.

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