Roxanne Perez collapses, stretches out after defending title at NXT Roadblock

Roxanne Pérez retained the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Roadblock, but collapsed after the match and was carried out on a stretcher. Pérez defended the title against Miko Satomura on Tuesday’s special themed episode of NXT in a match that was of greater length. Satomura punished Pérez with repeated kicks throughout the match, and at one point Pérez went for a Pop Rocks on the ringside floor, but Satomura grabbed the apron and Roxy hit the floor hard.

After Pérez won the match with a rollup, he received a show of respect from Satomura. Perez then collapsed and officers were examining him before calling for EMTs. Shawn Michaels came out with paramedics and Booker T, Pérez’s mentor, came to the ring from the commentary booth. Perez was being described as non-responsive and was wheeled out of the arena to an ambulance, with cameras rolling the entire way until the show ended in the parking lot.

It is unclear what Pérez’s position is and WWE has not confirmed whether or not it is an angle, although one can imagine that from the way the match was structured and the camera with him in the overrun period. Had been. It’s also unclear what this means for NXT Stand & Deliver on April 1, where one would expect Perez to defend the NXT Women’s Championship.

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