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It is often said that “the Japanese do not care about the opinion of foreigners”.And this is reflected when certain franchises that are not popular with the international public but are popular in Japan get anime adaptations. After all, there is a saying that anime is “by the Japanese, for the Japanese,” but this is a mindset that is slowly changing.

However, it is not entirely true that the Japanese do not care about the opinion of foreigners. They are usually quite aware of the popularity list of both the series and the characters during each season., They do this mainly to criticize the taste of foreigners, but in the end it cannot be denied that they are aware.

And that’s how we got to what brings us together today, as a popular commentary forum in Japan shared a list of the season’s most popular girls. Spring-2023 (April-June)For the fifth week of airing by popular means anime trending, here it can be seen Oishi no Ko’s Kana Arima takes first place for the second week in a rowBut the most important thing seems to be Ruby Hoshino is losing her position week by week.

ruby hoshino

It seems that Japanese fans find this development interesting, especially recently. They discussed the fact that sometimes the secondary girl is more popular than the main girl, However, as in the story oshi no koWho will be the lead girl?

In addition, it should be noted that the decline in positions is due to the fact that ruby hoshino She didn’t have stage time in the most recent episode, because we’re in the so-called “reality show arc,” where a third girl is also introduced who will compete for the audience’s attention: Akane Kurokawa, Their tragic story was explored in the most recent episode, and fans are already enthralled by it. After all, a sad character always gets the limelight, right?

Anyway, let’s review what the Japanese have to say about the situation:

  • ,It doesn’t matter as long as it stays in the top ten spots.,
  • ,Kana Arima would eventually be displaced by Akane as well.,
  • ,In the original story, Kana Arima’s popularity wanes with Aqua.,
  • ,Foreigners and their trash taste as usual,
  • ,The Only Good Thing About Ruby Is Her Face, The Rest Is Terrible,
  • ,I Can’t Believe You People Why Relliana Ended Up At The Dukes Mansion is bullshit,
  • ,lost to a school anime background girl,
  • ,Those who are currently voting for Kana Arima will soon be voting for Akane. And they know why out of pure kindness,
  • ,Is Ruby supposed to be the main girl of Oishi no Ko? It’s been so underrepresented that the truth doesn’t seem to me,
  • ,Ruby and Kana have terrible personalities, definitely a sign that otakus always want to misbehave.,
  • ,The manga is very unlike what it is nowadays, because right now we all hate Kana Arima,
  • ,Akane has everything to dominate the rest of the anime in that ranking,

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