Rumi Jaffrey says that Satish Kaushik wanted to live long enough to see his daughter Vanshika settled in life. hindi movie news

The sudden demise of veteran actor and director Satish Kaushik has left his old friend, filmmaker and screenwriter Rumi Jaffrey in utter shock. He recounts Satish’s plans and states that he wishes to live long enough to see his daughter settle down in life.
Rumi said she got the information about Satish’s death on Thursday morning. He moved to his home with his wife to live with Satish’s wife Shashi and daughter Vanshika. Subhash K Jha quoted him as saying, “My wife is very attached to Vanshika. She just clung to the baby and sat quietly. We are all in a state of disbelief.”

The filmmaker said that Satish is in good health and very upbeat. They talked about their future plans and how much more they had to do. They had dinner together on Anupam Kher’s birthday a few days ago, adding that there was never any free time for Satish.

“Satish and I were friends for more than 30 years. Ye ekyak jaana bahut nansfi hai (His sudden departure is not appropriate). And it was not that he was not taking care of his health. He was eating on time and right Food. He was going for his morning walk. He wanted to live long enough to see his daughter settle into life. But God had something else in mind,” Rumi said.

He further added, “A day ago he was dancing at Javed’s (Akhtar) sahab’s Holi bash. I think he was traveling a lot. Aaj here kaal there. When he told me that he was attending a friend’s invitation. But going to Delhi, I warned her against traveling so much. She silenced me saying it was a commitment to a friend. Did we know it would be her last trip?”

He also recalled his first meeting with Sathish which happened on the sets of Mr. India. This was the time when he had come to Mumbai from his hometown Bhopal for a holiday. During that time he was indecisive about starting his career in the Hindi film industry. He wanted to see the shooting of a film and arrived on the sets of Mr. India, the film that immortalized Satish as a calendar. This was the moment Rumi made up his mind that he wanted to be a part of the film industry.

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