‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8,’ Episode 3 Power Rankings: Let’s Get Wild

You are welcomed! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Power Ranking! Every week, we’re debriefing the new episode of the week RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 To determine which queens are riding high, and which require emergency care. Supermarket Ball presented some surprising product-based looks—but who ultimately won?

10. Mrs. Kasha Davis (Last Week: 9) – Eliminated

Kasha choking on her exit line—”There’s always a time for kindness”—was truly devastating. I feel like she had so much more to show, and she wasn’t properly appreciated for what she gave while she was there. (I’m still pissed he didn’t rank higher RDR Live, butterfly-net look be damned.) However, there’s no real argument that Kasha should have stayed this week. Her supermarket supermodel look was the worst of the entire ball; It’s hard to tell TS Madison openly how much she hates it. And when it came time to present her side to Jessica Wilde, Kasha gave up. Still, it’s hard to argue that Kasha wasn’t better off on her return to the show.

9. Darien Lake (Last week: 10)

It was a close call for Darine, as the vote between the queens was just 5-4 (though Jessica made that point false by winning the lip sync). She needs to get out of this rut ​​and fast, because I think the next time she falls down, there will be nothing to save her. And I’ll be damned if we don’t see Darren lip sync this season! But this season she hasn’t performed as well as we know she’s capable of—it looks like she may be holding back at this point.

8. James Mansfield (Last week: 6)

James’s runways are falling into a familiar pattern: lots of similar dresses and silhouettes, almost always referencing a housewife look or Old Hollywood, and paired with blonde wigs. She got to show off a bit more range this week with her “Cookie Monster” (not to be confused with Cookie Monster) look, but unfortunately, she wasn’t my favorite. It’s clear the show has big plans for James this season, so I don’t think she’s going anywhere for a while. I just hope to see more of him that lives up to his pre-season hype. Maybe an acting challenge could be what tops her?

7. Say Montres (Last Week: 5)

I talked about this in the recap, but a great pair of first two looks in the Ball Challenge are basically useless if your self-made look fails to impress. That’s what happened to Kahana this week, who totally slayed her cow and banana look (especially Banana look) only to transform into a garish supermarket supermodel outfit. The color scheme was particularly odd, a mix of UCLA blue and yellow for which she had a matching wig. But it wasn’t enough to land him anywhere near the bottom, so to say, to live to kill another day. We’re getting another acting job, though…

6. Heidi Ann’s Closet (Last Week: 2)

I don’t agree with Heidi myself that she should have been on top this week. The look of the milkman, while cute, was not the most original look of the Legion-Dairy line. I loved the strawberry pants on her fruity patootie look, and the build to her supermarket supermodel look was pretty impressive. But its size and color scheme didn’t quite work for me. To quote Luxx Noir London, this was a clear “high safe” in my eyes. However, you could say that Heidi is quickly out of the competition. threatening to leave her untucked Was quite revealing. I hope for her sake that she can stand out as we know Heidi can in next week’s acting challenge.

5. Alexis Mitchell (Last week: 3)

Once again, I would have put Alexis on top for this challenge, and even put her in contention for the win. Her blueberry look was especially stunning for the second grade, and I loved seeing her serve up something different with her biker guy Legion-dairy look. I think, like Kahna, where it lost it for me was in the final look: It was well made, but a bit simplistic in terms of silhouette. Still, in a week with a lot of accessories-on-bodysuit fashion, kudos to her for trying something different. This should have easily earned him a high position.

4. Candy Muse (Last Week: 7)

As was the case with James in the premiere, it appears that Candy’s editing of the critiques has turned the low placement into a high one. It’s, of course, silly enough: Candy served up two bodysuits for the grads they brought from home and delivered a voluminous foil skirt for their supermarket supermodel runway. (I’ll admit, she complimented the skirt well with the top piece and a great wig.) I enjoyed Candy a lot during her season, and I’m glad to see her back, but I almost wonder if she’s too Returned soon I don’t think we’re seeing developments yet that would make him a threat to take it at the end of the season.

3. Lala Ri (Last Week: 4)

I Doing, on the other hand, think we’re seeing that growth with Lala! Granted, she was handed a redemption story with the ball this week — one she’s in a good position to take on given her failure at this challenge in her original season was so obvious and memorable. But even with that, I really liked the three silhouettes offered on the runway. I know the final look was probably a little shorter than a lot of people would have liked, but I really enjoyed it – it seemed kind of editorial. drag race Runway visible. Plus, his mug and bald head looked absolutely stunning. Of those picked as the top and bottom this week, Lala would be my personal pick for the winner.

2. Jimbo (Last week: 1)

While I didn’t mind Jimbo’s output this week, I was surprised at how low-key it was relative to his performance. UK vs the worldRuPaul Ball. Her Lagen-dairy look, as Heidi noted, didn’t really seem to belong in the category — it was an all-white look with some accessories on it. And while she looked great in her fruity patootie look, and she just wasn’t meant to sport a fruit-based look, I think she skated too much to justify the category. All that said, I get her top spot based on the final look. It may be a bodysuit, but the way she constructed the garment with lettuce made it look really alive. It was different, and in a 30-look ball, that is the most important thing.

1. Jessica Wilde (Last week: 8)

while i am Ahead Happy with Jessica’s win this week, I admit, I don’t fully understand it. Her Froot Loops runway was cited as a favorite of the week by JoJo Siwa, but it was a very simple garment—just a cute idea. Her berry acai look (“love that drink!”) was a great callback, but I didn’t like the outfit itself. And the final look was once again just a bodysuit, though she styled the hell out of it. Again, thrilled to see Jessica come out on top, but in a week of crappy judging, her win was the latest oddity. However, he knew what he had to do to win the $30,000 prize in Lip Sync. Ru loves a bouncy breastplate – Hello, Yara Sofia’s Talent Show! —and it was the right call for the “Coconuts” lip sync. Jessica becomes the first big winner of the season, and I’d be surprised if this is her only moment of victory.

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