San Marino pick Picard Jacques for Liverpool 2023

The grand final of ‘Una vos per San Marino’ has found its winner – Picked Jacques will represent San Marino at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest with the song ‘Like an animal’.

After a week of semi-finals and a second chance round, the 2023 edition Una Vos Per San Marino came to its expected result on Saturday night at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana.

The grand final saw 22 songs compete to become San Marino’s entry in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. After an evening of live performances, this song was like an animal which was voted as the winner, was performed by Italian band Picked Jack.

like an animal The Eurovision Song Contest will serve as San Marino’s 14th participation when Picked Jacques takes it to Liverpool in May.

San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest

San Marino is one of the world’s smallest countries, surrounded by Italy, and is said to be the world’s oldest surviving republic.

The 2008 contest in Belgrade would be San Marino’s first entry; Alt-rock group Miodio, composed of members of Samarini and Italian bands. his song, accompliceThey may have finished last in the semi-finals but not before picking up two points from fellow hopefuls Andorra.

Since its debut, ‘Most Serene Republic’ has qualified for the Grand Finals on three occasions: Valentina Moneta (with a Ralph Siegel-produced track in 2014) Perhaps), Serhat (in 2019) say no no no) and Senhit (with tracks in 2021 Adrenalina,

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