Sara Brassel, Yoli in ‘Los Serrano’: “I faced bullying at school, they left me alone”

Sara Brasal, Yoli in ‘Los Serrano’

To sarah brasal we met her 20 years ago when she used to play Yoli, Tete’s best friendin the famous telecinco series ‘The Serranos’, Sara has specifically explained to the ‘socialite’ that for her Accepting The Role Wasn’t Easy From Yoli:

“I he was a victim of bullying at schoolI didn’t stick my head in the toilet or hit me, but I did they left me alone and without friendscome from such a position and play ugly and fat on TV …”.

sarah brasal points out that first of all He doubted whether he should explain to the girl or not: “It was what I was missing, I didn’t want the ugly and fat girl from the series to come to real life.” However, Sarah explains it her mother’s support And this good joint work The decider of the series was:

“The guys on the team explained to me that they were going to make me ugly but that was a character, that it wasn’t reality, in fact they told me it was hard for them to find glasses that fit me badly because I looked beautiful with all of them, They did a great job,

this is sara brasal’s life today

Despite the fact that she never wanted to dedicate herself to acting (she ended up in the casting of ‘Los Serrano’ with her sister), the truth is that Sara is fascinated by the world of television and cinema, something that has driven them forward work in that world but behind the cameras: “I have discovered a new world Assistant DirectorI am preparing for it and the truth is that I am very happy.

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