‘Save Me’ Couldn’t Finally Disappear From Telecinco

it appears that save me It is not as dead as it seemed. The evening magazine may get a second chance on the telecinco grid. Despite the confirmation of his disappearance, the most important offices of Mediaset and its associated production companies are debating the future of the successful format he created. tv factory,

According to the latest information provided by Informalia, the program will not disappear completely, but will continue to air in a new evening program shared by Ana Rosa Quintana with the space to be occupied by the new program.

Although the exact details of the redesign save me Not yet confirmed, the afternoon edition is expected to have a shorter duration than the current one. This would allow the Ana Rosa Quintana program to be included in the same time slot. If this happens, it will be interesting to see how this new proposal develops because either Quintana or Jorge Javier Vazquez, two great presenters of the country, will compete directly in the audience.

possible continuation of save me There may have been some clues advanced by Informelia. For example, tv factory He has posted a cryptic message on his Instagram account. In the published image you can see the title of the event written with ellipses in the sand of the beach. This can be understood as a possible continuation. Even Nuria Marin and Maria Patino have left this possibility up in the air.

Additionally, a spokesperson for tv factory Informalia clarified that, at least for the time being, the ERE that was mentioned in connection with the end save me, It also serves as food for this new information.

It’s delayed for now

news of a possible continuation of save me, which has yet to be officially confirmed, comes after a statement released by the series that confirmed her disappearance as of June. However, the program has experienced an increase in viewership ratings since the cancellation was announced, with its Orange edition managing to hold an audience share of over 15%.

In addition to cancellation, it appears that rebound in save me His return to the original can be justified. The afternoon program has become more snooty, has decided to laugh at itself and begins sarcastically attacking other programs on the network. and before this turn of events, which has made it clear save me There is still a tussle, with the series delaying the ending until June 23.

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