Sebastien Yatra’s quote about the most important woman in ‘A Night Without Thinking’: “A girl with a lot of light” – Music

it’s been a month Sebastian Yatra to present to the world ‘The Night Without Thinking’, A ‘single’ which was only the first stone on which to build was to come from now on. A new musical era. singer now To talk about this number 1 has passed through ‘El Hormiguero’ And some of the most important and mysterious aspects of his life. Because We can’t forget how his previous work was called ‘Dharma’Which already indicated to us that something inside had been removed.

,With this ‘single’ I begin to describe the new phase of my career as a musician, It gives me great pleasure to write this, sharing how I see the world now. how do i understand my feelings“, was one of the first statements that came out of his mouth in front of Pablo Motos, and he answered the question of what was the most complicated moment in the process of shaping a song with which to create hope among his audience in dates. Before publication: “the first thing i look for is some harmony i like And when I hit on something that I love, I try to build a song around it.”

Although the end result is impeccable, the truth is that it was not easy for him to close this ‘A Night Without Thinking’: “This happened to me with the beginning of this song, I had to change the intro, I went to the studio twice and I finished it in the dressing room, In the shower, in the dressing room…that’s where my thoughts come from.” Good feelings, on the other hand, have a name. Milena SmithThe woman who stars in the song’s video clip and for whom she was full of praise: “She’s incredible, they don’t know how great it was to work with her, she fascinated me ever since I did ‘Parallel Mothers’. See, I texted her, she replied to me and it has been one of the most beautiful experiences, because she is a girl with so much light,

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Beyond the purely dire nature of this No. 1, which already has a certain history — with over three million views on YouTube — there were also more personal issues involved. For example, his father, of whom he said while sitting in that chair in the Antenna 3 spot: “I have learned many beautiful things in life from him, he has always been a very generous person, he doesn’t do anything to earn, he loves helping people and besides, he sings incredible”, a topic that offered an opportunity to connect with a spiritual aspect he had recently delved into: “I went to India to do a ‘Vipassana’ meditation, 11 and a half hours a day meditationBut I didn’t count on the cold wave that happened on those dates, one piercing also got infected and I decided to return early, I stayed only four days.

the harshest? I answered without a doubt: “Head, you become so obsessed with each and every thought, you start as the surface of your mind and you go down like an open surgery”, And she recognized that, as she finished the experience, the first thing she did was “turn on the mobile, call and I cried.” Without a doubt, a detail that says a lot about him. Also acknowledging the fact that, despite being “very competitive”, he is not one to get in a bad mood if he doesn’t win. We will see him again in the next edition of ‘La Voz Kids’ – where, by the way, he will be next to Aitana, from whom it seems difficult to separate lately.

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