Shakira and Karol G’s ‘TQG’ Maya Nazor Dedicates to the Santa Fe Clan Strong Signal

just a day after release “TQG”new topic of Tune Yes. in collaboration with shakiraThe Sing It has become a resounding success, surpassing the numbers in terms of reproductions and views on music platforms, thanks to the lyrics full of ready-made phrases to dedicate to an ex. it is strong prompt He Spell Nazor Dedicated To santa fe clan With new song from colombians.

the subject of shakira And Carroll G. It has already been considered a hymn to express how it is that after a breakup you can be reborn as a phoenix, as demonstrated in Maya Nazor, despite breaking up with santa fe clan It has looked better than before. Network Influencer recently shared a quote which his fans have taken as a strong indirect compared to young Dedicated To Angel Jair Quezada.

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