Shakira breaks world record by performing Piqué Dis song on ‘Fallen’

shakira kept her breakup with long time partner Gerard Piqué In a song — a song that has taken the music industry by storm … and that just won her tons of world record awards.

The Latin pop star hit ‘The Tonight Show’ on Friday night, where she and Dj Bizarre — who collaborated with Shakira’Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53,’ a song that’s been a chart-topper since January — made it even better with Jimmy Fallon All about success and accolades.

,@shakira shares that “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” was influenced by her personal life and was written as a female anthem. #FallonTonight

– The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) March 11, 2023

Shakira doesn’t shy away from the fact that this track is, overall, an FU for her ex… with that being said, much of her personal life, including the nasty split, has left her with a penchant for women. Inspired to create anthems everywhere.

As she says… her fan base has now become a brotherhood, she says she has had to put up with a lot of “bullshit”. like he did Last year and change.

Of course, she’s referring to the fact that Piqué has moved on with a much younger woman – the 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti … with whom G.P. went public Last year. As per reports, she is a PR student who works for Peak’s production company and handles his events.

Either way, Shakira gave the crowd what they wanted on ‘Fallen’… performed the hit song and got the entire audience on their feet and dancing. It is clear … they are on his side.

,@bizarrap And @shakira Performance “Shakira: The Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”!

Watch the full performance ⬇️

– The Tonight Show (@FallonTonight) March 11, 2023

At some point during her appearance, she even posed backstage with all the Guinness World Records that have been broken since the song came out — 14 of them, in fact, as the single continues to do numbers and make it into the history books. I cement it. Music/Pop Culture.

The titles she now holds as a result are… Most streamed Latin track on Spotify in 24 hours Most viewed Latin track on YouTube in 24 hours Fastest to reach 100 million views on YouTube Latin track and is the most streamed Latin track. track on Spotify in a week.

There are more… but you get the point. The song is absolutely soulful, once again putting Shakira over the top – a testament to her staying power and how beloved she is around the world.

The fallout from her and Peek’s split has been pretty rough, and for good reason – they were together for 11 years and share two children… sasha And Milan, A lot of people think the way he ended things with Shakira was ridiculous… and pretty reprehensible.

Although Shakira is still looking fine, though… and is still looking pretty fine.

Congratulations on coming back, Shaq!

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