Shakira Makes Beauty Arrangements for TQG?; The famous Spanish medium assures that

  • Shakira started a new collaboration with Karol G.
  • Apparently the song is an allusion to the Colombians’ former partners.

The entertainment world usually deals with issues such as surgical repairs to look their best, certainly there are artists who have declared that they have not gone through any procedures like Shakira.

But recently it came to light from a Spanish medium that the singer decided to make some arrangements in order to look bright in her new collaboration and already successful with Karol G.

We are talking about ‘TQG’, the song desired by the fans of the duo who hope that they will release some truth to their former partners, Anuel and Piqué.

After the publication of the video, “Vanitatis” released some strong statements about it, where they pointed out that allegedly a man who works at the Barcelona clinic where the singer was treated, told them about the arrangements requested by the Colombian. Gave details of.

She also revealed that the famous is such a perfectionist that she directed her treatment in which she saw her lip augmentation, it is not about fillers, but a method that enlarges her mouth to look more sensual. .

He also told that it is not the first time that he has been to that clinic and on each visit he directly orders for what he wants, as he knows perfectly well and even those medicines. Also know the supplements they need: “Everything is done by her direct order, she leaves nothing to chance.”

Although he did not confirm more surgeries, he did admit to having undergone the purported rejuvenation treatments.

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