Shakira poses with her niece Isabella and netizens point out the similarities between the two

shakira enjoys her new life in Miami away from her kids, her parents, her friends and her ex Gerard Piquéfrom whom he split about a year ago, after more than a decade of being together and two children in common, Milan and Sasha, who have had a lot to talk about after appearing in their mother’s new music video. Have given “acrostic,

46 year old Colombian introduces his niece isabella i24, who put up an exhibition on the movement black lives matterWhich reminds the world that “Black lives matter.”

On the network, Shakira appeared to be photographed with him in the video, and posted a picture on her Instagram, which generated many comments from her followers:

“With my niece Isabella Mebarak @isabellamebarak at her exhibit in Miami last night. Her protest work on Black Lives Matter has ‘Americakkan’ in the background. One of my favorites (one of my favorites),” she captioned the snapshot. written in which they appear together.

Shakira attended the exhibition of her niece Isabella in Miami.

The photo, which already has thousands of likes, has received praise from netizens, who appreciate the female talent of the family and the fact that the singer is so active in her new life, where she has been seen with actor Tom Cruise and motorcyclist has also been seen. Lewis Hamilton.

For some netizens, Shakira and her niece Isabella are very similar physically, as they have the same eyes, nose, and lips, and it would be even more so if the “Monotonia” singer kept her dark and natural hair color.

“If Shakira kept her natural hair color, she would look like that.” “I want a girl like Shaq to help me grow my following.” “Both beautiful eyes, very similar.” “Same nose and mouth.” Some users commented on the photo, “She looks like his daughter! Very, very similar to him.”

Shakira and Isabella, when they both dyed their hair red. Photo: Instagram.

Isabella Merebak has already been mentioned by her aunt Shakira, as she, as an illustrator and fashion designer, created the famous sweatshirt that the singer launched in connection with the success of the song with ZRP “Music Sessions #53”. In which she talks about Piqué’s infidelity with a 24-year-old girl named Clara Chia, with whom the former football player has already uploaded a second photo to his Instagram account.

Shakira continues the billing: puts on sale a sweatshirt with the phrase Against Pique

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