Shakira pro reporter ‘obscene sign’ and ‘closer to walking’

Gerard Piqué can’t find peace. The former Barcelona player, despite having retired from football, does not shy away from public scrutiny because of his love life.

The world champion with Spain in 2010 continued to grace the covers of the tabloids following his split from Shakira from Barranquilla, more than eight months after it was announced.

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In fact, after that break, his new relationship with the young Catalan Clara Chia Martí has ​​also found a very important resonance. Not in vain, the ‘paparazzi’ follow their day-to-day almost permanently, looking for a gesture or a reaction.

In exactly the same vein, reporter Jordi Martin, known to be a Shakira supporter, experienced what he considered “very unpleasant”. This, as it sure is looking for a word from Piqué and his new partner, humiliation is over and almost over,

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‘He even told me I was going to die’

After Shakira’s new song with Karol G, Martin showed up at the former player’s parents’ house looking for a reaction.

From the very beginning, he said, Piqué and Clara Chia entered the former footballer’s home for the first time before his eyes.

In his report, seizing the moment, he remarked: “(Pick’s) parents can’t wait for Shakira to move to Miami.”

Later came the first moment of tension as they waited for him to leave.

“when they left, Piqué accelerated the truck almost ran me overMartin said.

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Later, Martin caught up with his car on the road before the former player could stop. Then came another brush.

“After a while, we met each other on the street, both (Picke and Clara Chia) laughed at me, insulted me and made obscene gestures at me”Maintained the ‘paparazzi’.

And although it seemed like the experience might have ended there, Martin assures Piqué called him afterward.

“Later, Piqué once again took my phone number and also told me that I was going to die of evil”Accused the reporter of ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’ from ‘Univision’.

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