Shakira publicly introduced her niece, showed what her talent was and praised her: “She will do wonders”.

Shakira surprised when shown with her niece Isabella (Photo Instagram @shakira)

Shakira surprised by showing herself with niece Isabella (photo Instagram @Shakira)

based in miami, Shakira lives a new life, surrounded by her family and friends, Which gave him his huge career in music. Although it seems that the problems with Gerard Piqué have not yet ended after the scandalous separation, the Barranquilla woman is happy on social networks with the big change. So much so that their closeness to loved ones took the world by surprise, as little was known about their clan until now. recently, introduced Isabella Merebak, His niece who wins with Art.

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“With my niece Isabella Mebarak @isabellamebarak at her exhibit in Miami last night. In the background of her protest work “AmericaKan” on Black Lives Matter. One of my favorites (one of my favorites)”Shakira wrote on her social network with a photo in which she is seen with the young woman, both smiling a lot. Although according to the artist’s last name it turned out that this is his niece on the paternal side, he did not specify which of his nine brothers she was the daughter of.

Shakir presentsó his niece, Isabella (captured Twitter @shakira)

Shakir introduces his niece, Isabella (Capture Twitter @shakira)

As mentioned by the singer, Isabella is also an artist and it is not the first time that she has mentioned him on her social networks for her work, as she is an illustrator and fashion designer. weeks ago, he announced that the 24-year-old was already in charge of illustrating the popular phrase “Women don’t cry anymore, women cry”, the words he threw Shakira at ZRP Music Session #53In which she refers to the details of her separation from Gerard Piqué, and which has become a feminine mantra that has already appeared on T-shirts and divers.

Isabella Merebak picture phrases "Women don't cry anymore, women challan" (capture Instagram @shakira)

Isabella Merebak illustrated the phrase “women don’t cry anymore, women bill” (capture Instagram @shakira)

The truth is that until now the face of this talented young woman was somewhat unknown and the publication by her aunt catapulted her to Twitter and Instagram, but not TIC Toc where it shows As one of the influencers of the moment. There his dance videos and his art process become increasingly viral. Furthermore, she shows herself to be a fashion lover and does not hesitate to play around with her looks and physical appearance by wearing different haircuts and colors in her hair.

Although Shakira’s publication made a considerable impact due to the great physical resemblance between the niece and the aunt, But most of all about the work of the girl, for which he received various accolades for representing such an important issue in the United States community, where the black community at large is being oppressed. So much so that it was necessary to create a movement – Black Lives Matter – Remembering that “Black Lives Matter”. Isabella relied on this motto for her new work project, which got all the accolades.

Isabella was flattered on social networks (captured Twitter)

Isabella was flattered on social networks (captured Twitter)

“Wow, a Black Lives Matter protest artwork featured in a Miami exhibit? That’s amazing!” I’m sure it will do wonders for the systemic oppression and police brutality the black community is facing.”, “You couldn’t be a more beautiful Queen, and congrats niece, talent runs in the family, congrats”; “What an Important Message” And there were a few messages on Twitter for both “Beautiful and Talented”.

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