Shakira: these are the 9 “dresses of revenge” with which the Colombian has raised her voice against Pique

it was released yesterday shakira’s latest collaborationTo which he adds four musical themes in which he talks about his break with the former football player, Gerard PiquéAnd although all of his tunes have different tempos and lyrics, the latest single by Barranquillara has another common denominator: his iconic changing rooms,

This has prompted many social media users to claim that with each new song, Shakira “continues billingand shows that being single suits her perfectly, because in addition to finding inspiration for her new creations, colombian looks better than ever It leads into each music clip.

That’s why at this point we’re counting down “9 outfits of revenge” that Shakira has boasted of Directly or indirectly against the father of her children, who currently already publicly professes his relationship with Clara Chia Marti.

“I congratulate you”: the song with which Shakira returned to music

This musical theme has several distinctive features, including the fact that when it came out in April 2022, it began to be related Problems in the relationship between Shakira and the former Barcelona footballerWhich was confirmed months later, when the then-couple decided to make their separation public.

Shakira really wanted to wear a lilac dress in one of her music clips. IG: @shakira

This was because in early June, shakira told through his social networks that his relationship with Gerard Piqué It had already ended, which is why she asked the media to respect her decision and the private lives of her children, an issue that was ignored by many journalists, thus starting a media harassment that eventually ended. I overwhelmed the media. Interpreter of “Ojos Asi” and their young children Milan and Sasha, who were the creative minds behind the music video for “Te Felicito”.

The idea to include a robot in the video for “Te Felicito” came from the son of a Colombian. IG: @shakira

Well, according to various interviews given by the Colombian, one day the director of her music video asked her to think of what audiovisual project she wanted to do, for which, shakira He decided to turn to his children, who gave him the revolutionary ideas that made his video a success.

Another of Shakira’s sons suggested including Green Fire in their videos IG: @shakira

since, while one of the little ones told shakira who envisioned her dancing with a robot, another told her that it would be a good idea if she included a green fire in her music video, ideas that were eventually present in the video where shakira He combined his talents with Raw Alejandro.

This outfit created an uproar on social networks. IG: @shakira

“Monotonia”: the song that Shakira dedicated to Pique after their separation

Then, in October last year, a few months after it became official his break with pique, shakira She released a musical theme with which she expressed the feelings she felt about the love of her life after their separation.

and vice versa “Congratulations”The Songs in which Shakira collaborated with Ozuna It features various visual elements that make direct references to Gerard and the infidelity that would destroy her relationship with the Colombian artist, who at the time was going through a phase of mourning from which she eventually emerged as a phoenix. .

There was only one cupboard in this song. IG: @shakira

“Session #53”, shootout against Piqué and Clara Chia

Thus on 11th January of this 2023 Shakira surprises the world with BizRap collaboration in which he really shooting against his ex and his new partnerWhich is named creatively “obviously” within the song’s lyrics, which, even today, qualifies as the most listened to on various digital platforms.

His popularity was so great that he soon became trends Viral on Tiktok, as it happened then “Congratulations”Only this time opinion was divided, as most Internet users expressed their support for shakiraThere were those who affirmed that the topic had gone too far, which did not stop the Colombian from “continuing billing” his way of making music from which he was drawing inspiration.

Like the previous one, Shakira used Bizrap | Decided not to change costumes in my videos with IG: @shakira

“TQG”: the tune with which Shakira and Karol G buried their ancestors

This February 23, shakira He returned to his status in the public eye, from this time he joined his sound with a compatriot who is really breaking it into the urban genre, where, like the Barranquilla woman, he is able to sing for some musical themes. has managed to go viral where she refers to empowerment after a break up.

In her latest song, we can see Shakira flaunting her figure IG: @shakira

and although in the last two collaborations shakira She was seen with only one outfit in the entire music video, taking advantage of the dynamism and rhythm of this last song, she decided to use four outfits with which she stole the look, showing that being single doesn’t make her feel better. Suits perfectly.

Both Karol ji and Shakira became sensation with their latest songs. Photo: Pinterest

So, hand in hand Carroll G., shakira Once again she was able to show off her hip movements which, combined with her musical talent, made her a worldwide celebrity, which is why, it is not surprising that “QG“He will choose to act in the next choreography”little one,

This is how Colombians buried their former comrades. IG: @karolg

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