Shakira to file lawsuit against Pique after controversial lyrics!

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‘TQG’, a successful music collaboration between two Colombian artists, Karol G and Shakira, has generated controversy after the release of the singers. points to their respective former partners Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué.

The controversy continued with the release of “Richer Than Tomorrow” by Anuel AA, in which the Puerto Rican featured his ex Karol G.

but the network that’s been blown up has been A line in the song refers to the separation of Puerto Rican singer Shakira and Gérard Pique, The convoluted letter sparked speculation about the possibility of a lawsuit by the Colombians.

The situation has put urban music fans on edge: Some believe that Anuel AA took advantage of the couple’s fame. and others that it is a marketing strategy for their new releases.

Any situation raised has generated a rivalry between 3 singers: Shakira, Anuel AA and Karol G.

Whose demand is it?

Shakira is not directly associated with Karol G and Anuel AA, but her status changed after the release of the song “Más Rica Que Ayer”, where the singer used it. The separation of the Colombian with the former football playerwithout your consent.

“To fight, you ain’t Shakira or I Pique” It is this line from the Puerto Rican song ‘Mas Rica Que Ayer’ that has sparked the wrath of Barranquilla.

Furthermore, the interpreter shared a photo on Instagram, where he appeared with Shakira’s poster in the background; And in the caption, he celebrated The success of his new song.

A situation that has upset Shakira and she would accuse the singer of using her image to make new releases famous.

Added to this discomfort is the fact that after naming the couple in the subject, Anuel AA posted another on Instagram with the following caption: “Men Don’t Cry Anymore, Men Bill”.

Copying Shakira’s quote that went viral in ‘Session 53’: “Women don’t cry anymore, women bill”.

These facts enraged Shakira, who He plans to sue the singer for using his name and mentioning their separation in the song. alleged lawsuit not yet confirmedHowever, according to the newspaper ‘La Zona’ and statements by journalist Carlos Ayden in the program ‘At Home with Telemundo’, it was indicated that “the most certain thing is that the artist will sue”.

Whereas the fans of ‘Bichhota’ assure that this song is completely devoted toBecause throughout the song he repeats the word “Babekita”, a nickname they used a lot throughout their relationship.

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