Shampoo Brand Uses Shakira and Clara Chia Marti’s “Lawsuit” for Ad and Goes Viral

shakira This isn’t the only time Bill has split with Gerard Pique. since it premiered “Music Session #53” with BizRap Many brands know how to hang the “success” and “pain” of the Colombian. Undoubtedly, the ones who have done the best get a mention in their singles. However, no one wants to miss an opportunity to add clients and litigation has become a real business.

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Now it has become a brand of shampoo viral When designing more than creative advertising. The video was able to attract the attention of followers who did not hesitate to stamp their likes on the Instagram box where it was posted. With nearly 6 million views, it has become popular among users who do not stop playing ads.

They used Shakira’s case and it went viral. Photo: Instagram @largecotaoficial

BRAND SHOWN IN VIDEO PHOTOS shakira and Clara Chia Marti. In the case of Gerard Pique’s girlfriend, she chose one of the first images that were leaked to the press when the details of the footballer’s infidelity had just become known. Even the young publicist had no idea the impact it would have on his image and his hair looked quite disheveled.

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“Is your hair dull and dry? Do you give up a lot and feel that you are no longer happy? Don’t you know how to comb it?” These are the questions with which this book begins. viral, “Obviously you need excellent treatment. With the best keratin and proteins on the Colombian market LARGE comes to the rescue. You will revitalize your hair. You will have control and your hair is very hydrated. You Will see myself radiant again”, he added, causing laughter from users.

Although from the beginning they clarify in the publication of Instagram that what they were looking for was to add some “humor” to the situation, the truth is they never imagined the effect they would have. To date, there have been over 8,000 comments, most of which match the originality with which he led his advertising campaign.

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