Shark Tank India 2: From actress Parul Gulati to shark Vinita Singh; Finale week is ready for some pitches never seen before

Season 2 of Shark Tank India is about to end soon as they enter their final week. This season saw a number of scientific and innovative pitches that amused the Sharks. Some of them even had bootstrapped models of business, which surprised the sharks with how smart the businessmen were and how impressively they pitched their companies that he had to invest in them.
As the finale week begins, two very interesting pitches are yet to be seen and one of them is actress, who has been a part of many web shows, Parul Gulati came on the show with her hair extension brand. She also gave a demo of her hair extension brand on Anupam and left the sharks in splits.

Another one not to be missed as Vinita Singh and her husband Kaushik will be giving away their makeup brand to the sharks. Aman and Piyush tell him, “Don’t expect any leniency from us when we ask questions. We will definitely question you.”
Talking about the finale week, Vinita shared a heartfelt note for the show, she wrote, “The last week for Shark Tank India Season 2 kicks off today and similar to last year’s experience – every pitch, debate and With discussion – I am just happy away from three things… Number of people watching this kind of show all over India! From class VI students in school to CISF officers at airport and even Jio World Drive The security guard also said: “𝘔आदाएं, 𝘷𝘶𝘃𝘃 ଭି𝘝𝘝𝘝 𝘝 𝘝𝘝𝘝 𝘝𝘝𝘝 कर्णा है” – it’s overwhelming to see how India across all income groups continues to be a nation that thrives on inspiration and “what ifs” coming true – It doesn’t matter how statistically insignificant they are. The age barrier is a barrier to start. Two 19-year-olds from a non-metro city have to launch their startup @zillionaireindia with such class and confidence. It was almost unreal to watch together. Follow up with so much passion and determination. And lastly, how incredible my photography skills are after serving at least a thousand people. It’s been amazingly, “Can you please take a picture of Vinita and me?” requests over the past year.”

Are you all excited for the final week of Shark Tank India 2?

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