Sharmila Tagore Manoj Bajpayee Gulmohar Movie Review

Gulmohar Review: Some movies are not just movies but give a different experience. Some films try to bring old things to the fore, find themselves, reunite with family, make them face to face with forgotten things. ‘Gulmohar’ is one such film. The film reunites the audience with their families.

What is the story of the film ‘Gulmohar’? (Gulmohar Movie Story)

The film ‘Gulmohar’ depicts the story of Batra’s, a rich family of Delhi. The name of the bungalow of the Batra family is ‘Gulmohar’. The three generations of the Batra family have different outlooks on life. Sharmila Tagore played the role of Kusum Batra in this film. One day Kusum suddenly decides to sell ‘Gulmohar’. Expresses the wish that within four days of celebrating Holi the members of the household should separate.

Kusum’s elder son Arun i.e. Manoj Bajpayee does not agree with the decision of separation. But his son Aditya i.e. Suraj Sharma wants to be different. Churches that work from home are also facing difficulties. So now the audience will have to watch the film to know whether the family will separate or come together.

Sharmila Tagore is returning to the silver screen after many years. In such a situation, once again he has won the hearts of the audience with his excellent acting. Manoj Vaipei is a great actor. He has played the character of Arun Batra very well in the film ‘Gulmohar’. Be it a role in a series like ‘Family Man’ or in the film ‘Gulmohar’. Though both the roles are different, but Manoj has played them well. Amol Palekar’s performance is also appreciated.

Rahul Chittela is the director of today’s generation. But he has done justice to the thinking of all the three generations. Every scene of this film helps to connect the audience with the family. ‘Gulmohar’ is a film that talks about the importance of family in life. This film has done the work of conveying a good thought to the audience. The family drama film ‘Gulmohar’ has become a favorite of the audience. The songs of this film are helping in taking forward the story of the film.

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