Shayna Shay hit the gym after she refused to punch Raquel Lewis


March 9, 2023 | at 10:04 pm

Gearing up for (an alleged) Round 2?

“Vanderpump Rules” star Shayna Shay hit the gym Thursday shortly after co-star Raquel Lewis denied assault allegations.

Shay, 37, focused while exercising for about 45 minutes at the F45 studio with her husband and trainer Brock Davis.

The mother of one wore a black sports bra and hunter green leggings as she weight-trained alongside the 31-year-old hunky New Zealander, who made sure to perfect her form as she performed multiple sets of lunges.

After sweating it out, the unfazed brunette put on an oversize black sweatshirt with “Mama” written on it and headed to her car with her phone in hand.

Shayna Shay hit the gym Thursday shortly after Raquel Lewis denied assault allegations.
Clint Brewer Photography / Aim / Backgrid
Her husband and trainer Brock Davis accompanied her.
Clint Brewer Photography / Aim / Backgrid

Earlier in the day, Shay’s lawyer branded Lewis – whose real name is Rachel – “a known liar and deceiver” for claiming her client had physically assaulted her.

Nima Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, told Page Six, “Scheena never punched Rachel,” noting that Lewis “betrayed everyone close to her.”

Shay’s lawyer claimed that “alleged black marks all over [Leviss’] The left eye has been sore for months.

Shay didn’t look upset as she left the facility.
She wore a “Mama” sweatshirt over hunter green leggings.
Shay exercised for about 45 minutes before walking to his car.

Confirming our report that neither of the “Pump Rules” cast members are speaking to the former beauty pageant queen following her relationship with co-star Tom Sandoval, Rahmani said, “Neither Scheana nor Only other actors want to do something with Rachel. Next.”

The attorney believes that the judge has “heard only a one-sided account” of the alleged dispute and “see.”[ing] Looking forward to presenting the full and true story at the March 29 hearing.

A representative for Lewis did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

Lewis filed for a temporary restraining order against Shay.
Lewis alleged that Shay punched her in the face because of the former’s months-long relationship with Tom Sandoval.
LA Superior Court
Shay’s attorney claims that his client “never punched” Lewis.
LA Superior Court

On Tuesday, the SUR server, 28, filed for a temporary restraining order against Shay.

Lewis alleged that the “Shenanigans” podcast host punched her in the face last week during the former’s months-long “heated confrontation” with Sandoval, the then-boyfriend of Shay’s best friend, Ariana Madix. Was.

In court documents obtained by Page Six, Lewis shared shocking images of the injuries he allegedly received during his altercation with Shay, claiming his then-friend gouged out his left eye and a cut above his eyebrow. left.

Sandoval and Lewis’ courtship has been going on since at least last summer.
Instagram/Raquel Lewis

Lewis’s alleged shiner was visible when he was photographed on Wednesday; however, did not make the cut.

“Pump Rules” cast members and Internet detectives alike have cast doubt on Lewis’ story, claiming he had a black eye prior to his exchange with Shay.

But a source close to Lewis denied this, telling Page Six, “He didn’t have a black eye before, nor did he have a cut above his eye.” A doctor’s report attached to TRO [temporary restraining order] Paperwork.

Ariana Madix has left Sandoval after nearly 10 years together.
Instagram/Tom Sandoval

Meanwhile, gang boss Lisa Vanderpump believes Shay killed Lewis in defense of Maddix, 37, who had been dating Sandoval, 39, since 2014.

“I think he slapped her around the chops,” the “Pump Rules” matriarch told Andy Cohen during Wednesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

“But you know what, her feelings must be running really high because Ariana was her best friend for 12 years,” the restaurateur went on.

“You forget it’s not just the show. They were working together four or five years before the show. They grew up together. She’s got Ariana’s back a lot.

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